Through the Looking Glass

I hit my 50th Birthday in a few weeks. This approaching milestone has prompted me to look back – both at my own life and, more pertinently, to gauge how society has changed around me over the course of those years. From my perspective, most of it certainly hasn’t changed for the better. If anything, occasionally I have to pinch myself to ensure I haven’t died unknowingly and been transported to some immorally-twisted purgatory. For everything I grew up with – from the moral compass I was taught by my parents and teachers, to the standards and practices of the society around me – has been damaged beyond recognition by combination of powerful minority voices assisted by those in positions of influence anxious to cast decency and normalcy into the wilderness, only to be replaced by fads which are damaging, corrupting or just plain contrary to established historical or biological facts. I’ll give you some examples.

‘Trans issues’ are the most intimidating and unwelcoming of these new crazes, in my opinion. Since the dawn of time, nature has decreed that almost all living things can only be male or female. It is such a statement of the obvious that no individual of sound mind could ever be deemed capable of imagining alternatives! Whatever zeitgeists have marked the passage of human evolution, the recognition of binary gender demarcation has been a constant. Suddenly, it is no longer so. Suddenly, we awake in a world where male is apparently female, female is apparently male, and both male and female can be subsumed by a smorgasbord of ‘self-identifying’ terminological kookiness. What’s more, to question to motives or beliefs of these individuals is to invite a veritable social media tsunami of abuse, death threats or bad wishes. In short, we now inhabit a world where, say, breakfast celebrity Lorraine Kelly can tweet ‘You go girl’ ( in support of walking freak show Eddie Izzard, without even a scintilla of self-reflection as to her own sanity. However, it’s also a world where, sadly, the passing of acting legend Robbie Coltrane is marked by a torrent of the most despicable language on social media because Coltrane once supported JK Rowling when she said ‘there can only be two genders’. What’s next? Will my passing be celebrated by similar nastiness because I once stated ‘living organisms have to breathe air in order to survive’? Probably! Because in this ‘though the looking glass world’, if male can be female then animals can prosper by the inhalation of carbon monoxide. Why not? Ridiculous contentions are normalised now! And each one has an army of mental mutants ready to defend the indefensible.

If significant sections of society haven’t lost their marbles over the whole ‘trans’ absurdity, then they certainly have over environmental catastrophism. Twenty years ago, gangs of middle class brats entering supermarkets and damaging stock would have been detained, arrested, vilified and prosecuted to the full extent of the law ( Today, vandalism is vaudeville. Just an inconsequential attempt to get noticed. A rally of the apostles on their pilgrimage to the holy land of Net Zero regression of humankind. Just like the morons who glue themselves to the road in order to prevent law-abiding citizens from going about their daily business. ‘Their punishment?’, I hear you say. None! Zero! When modern Britain is cursed with a policing mindset that is more concerned with dancing at gay pride parades and painting vehicles in rainbow colours than it is in actually enforcing traditional rules and regulations, you can be sure the obstructive rabble will be plied with refreshments and emollient words from the assemblage of PC Plods. You see we don’t have police officers anymore. Instead we have handmaidens in helmets. Thanks to a cretinous collective leadership, we can now forget about police visits following a burglary or an attempted mugging. They’re most likely getting their kicks distributing bottles of mineral water to Tarquin, Bartholomew, Odette, Cyril, Fabian and Lilliana – casually blocking hundreds of commuters on the A25 at Godstone.

There are so many other examples I could delve deeply into to demonstrate the extent to which I’m now living in a world I no longer recognise. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough hours in the day to adequately cover all the topics that animate me during the course of the average week. Suffice to say there are now enough individuals in positions of power and influence happy to promulgate inverted ideas on everything from gender reality; to the contract of law-enforcement on society; to historical accuracy; to the family unit; to the central tenet of voter enfranchisement and the acceptance of democratic decisions. This is why we’re now faced with situations in which Eddie Izzard can be called a ‘woman’; where people can break the law with impunity so long as it’s in a ‘good cause’; where casting directors can hire a black actress (Jodie Turner-Smith) to play Anne Boleyn ( for an eponymous TV series and get away with it; where commercials that are supposed to be about promoting a product are more preoccupied with promoting the falsehood that every family in Great Britain is comprised of one black parent and one white parent; where every drama has to include characters involved in a same-sex relationship, even though it adds nothing of value to the overall storyline; where politicians (egged on by the media and influential lobbyists with vested interests) – having promised they would abide by the results of elections and referenda they themselves promoted – devise every Machiavellian trick in the book to overturn the result and/or belittle those in the electorate who didn’t give them the answer they wanted; where a governing party with a large majority sits on its hands whilst scumbags destroy children’s lives via surgery and hormones on the altar of ‘transgender worship’; where border force agencies taxi illegal migrants to our shores by the thousand, lest they upset the Human Rights lobby or offend our ‘international partners’; and where organisations established to promote the positives and achievements of our country are instead stuffed with white-hating and Britain-hating ‘Wokenvolk’. We are truly in despairing times!

Will there be an end to all this madness? Probably, in the dim and distant future where the cycle of human development finally reaches the stage where we return to something resembling normality. In the meantime, those of my generation (and older generations) who’ve been dragged through the looking glass to this dystopia, turn back to see the world we once lived in disappearing further and further into another dimension of time. We grow older in a world of weirdo’s and imbeciles….and it doesn’t bode well for our futures.

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