“The **it Hit The Fan” and The World may Erupt Because We Have an Idiot as President.

There has not been a worse President in foreign affairs in American history than Joe Biden, even Carter wasn’t as bad as he is proving to be. In his little over 3 years as President his ineptitude has brought the World to the brink of Nuclear War.

The Ukrainian Surrogate/Proxy War was bad enough, the blame for that debacle falls at the feet of President Obama, just as this situation with Iran does. Joe is just continuing what Obama started with Russia, and Iran. As you can plainly see the policies have achieved the same results in both arena. Shear disaster and war.

The World is holding it’s breath as we await the Israeli response. If you’re not holding your breath you should be. It is very likely that Iran has finished at least one nuclear war head, if not several. This brazen attack on Israel directly from the sovereign state of Iran that the Iranians knew would fail was them kicking the bear to see how it reacts.

Our Brave and Fearless Leader President Biden has said “we did our part with the drones, any further response is on Israel alone” (Reuters) -President Joe Biden has told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that the United States would not participate in any Israeli counter-offensive against Iran, a White House official said on Sunday.

That leaves Biden free in his dilapidated mind. Free of what happens next in this war, a war that has been entirely the result of Biden carrying out Obama’s Foreign Policy Agenda. I am not blaming Obama, even though these are his policies. President Biden has never had an original thought, even when he had all his marbles. His history of plagiarism speaks for itself. He just took Obama’s Policies, hired Obama’s people, and called them his own. It’s what he has always done for his past 50 years in government. Except this time it could lead to Nuclear war, we are are waiting to see.

The Israeli Response

The Israeli position is a very complicated one. It is a position that they should never be in, and is not of their making.

This is what the NYT is saying in regard to an Israeli response, in case you may be interested in any views held by Commie Grey Lady. Personally I won’t even use it for the bottom of my Parrots cage, but some still look at the New York Times as a legitimate “News Source”.

Iran’s attack, a retaliation for airstrikes on an Iranian Embassy building in Syria on April 1, was not unexpected. As Iran signaled that it would not strike further unless attacked, the focus turned to how Israel would respond, as President Biden and other world leaders appealed for calm and sought to avert a wider war in the Middle East.

Two Israeli officials said some war cabinet members had urged a retaliatory strike, but that was called off after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel spoke by phone with President Biden on Saturday, and because the strikes caused relatively minor damage. The officials did not elaborate on the contents of the call between the leaders. Still, Israel’s defense minister, Yoav Gallant, said early Sunday that the confrontation with Iran was “not over yet.”

Israel’s U.N. ambassador, Gilad Erdan, who had requested the emergency meeting of the Security Council, assailed Iran and its proxies, saying Iran had crossed every red line in its attack and that Israel reserved the right to retaliate. Erdan called for the Council to take severe action against Iran, including sanctions and statements of condemnation. “The fact that Israel’s air defense proved to be superior does not change the brutality of Iran’s attack,” he said.

My own views on what Israel’s response should be are a simple answer for a complex question. It also kills two birds with one stone.

Iran’s through it’s Proxy in Lebanon is pointing over 100,000 missiles at Israel. The destruction of those missiles should be Israel’s response, and it should be executed with extreme prejudice.

The United States in the Person of President Biden created this entire situation. He has now tied the Israeli’s hands by walking away while warning Israel not to strike Iran. The Israeli’s must respond to a direct attack from the sovereign state of Iran. They do so by eliminating the threat Iran posses by it having 100,000 high-tech missiles and rockets waiting to fire and blanket Israel in death. These weapons are in place and waiting for Iran to say use them.

Taking out that magnitude of weapons that are a proven threat to Israeli Civilians would send the correct message. It also eliminates a daily threat. These rockets are fired into Israel on a daily basis, but piecemeal 2-3 at a time. No one can question that they are an active and ongoing threat. No one can question the destruction of these weapons as anything other than a defensive response. If they were all released at once unlike last nights firework show instead of taking two hours and not hitting anything, these weapons will hit in minutes and might even over whelm the Iron Dome, and other defensive systems.

What they will do we have to wait and see.

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