George Stephanopoulos the Politics of Lies and Personal Destruction.

On This Week with George Stephanopoulos, little Georgie tried practicing his skill at destruction against Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC), it didn’t work. This is what the MSM put’s forth as it’s #1 “Political News Show”. The only thing sadder than the show are those who believe what it’s host says, about anything. For those of you who don’t know who little Georgie is let me give you a quick history of his pedigree.

George Stephanopoulos is a Democrat Hack, and Hatchet Man. Who has specialized in destroying woman who have come forth with allegations against a politician… Bill Clinton in particular. His job for the Clinton Campaign was to destroy any woman that came forward about Bill Clinton sexually assaulting them.

I can not do justice to what a scumbag little Georgie is compared to what Megyn Kelly has done highlighting who Little Georgie really is. So before we move on to his attack on Mace let us review the wonderful George Stephanopoulos.

Kelly dug up remnants from Stephanopoulos’ past, reminding her audience that the ABC correspondent created a “war room” to protect former President Bill Clinton from his accusers while running for office.

MEGYN KELLY:Our final Oscar for Sanctimonious Leftists Pretending They are Better Than You is a dark horse contender when you consider he’s not even an actor! George Stephanopolous! Yes, another ABC-er! The lifelong Democrat took to his Sunday show yesterday and decided to really press Republican and Trump-endorser Nancy Mace on how on earth she can support a guy who’s been found liable of sexual assault, especially when – as he pointed out to Mace – she is a rape survivor! It’s such an opportunity when you can use a woman’s rape against her!… What a kind, sensitive man who clearly cares deeply about women and their sexual assault allegations. Thank you for being an ally, George. I see how concerned you are that victims might not come forward if they are publicly attacked by their rapist or his defenders. To be sure, that is a very real concern. It happens all the time. Which you know. Because you invented it. Remember? When you created a whole command center designed to smear Bill Clinton’s sexual assault and rape accusers so you could elevate him to the presidency!

“The attorney representing many of Bill’s accusers — and there were many, George — Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers, to name just a few — said you and James Carville at Hillary Clinton’s direction formed a so-called war room whose purpose was quote, ‘to destroy any woman that would challenge Bill Clinton.’”

Now let’s look at the serious malfeasance of ABC News, and George Stephanopoulos.

In his attack interview with Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) that took place on Sunday on ABC’s flag “Political News’s Show” This Week. Mr. Stephanopoulos LIED 12 times saying that the former President had been found “Liable for Rape”. Little Georgie kept repeating this LIE, hurling it as an attack against Ms. Mace because she is a survivor of rape . Georgie tried to shame her for supporting President Trump.

What Georgie was engaged in was pure malfeasance. Georgie knows Trump was not found “Liable for Rape” but that is the lie and the line that he wants to perpetuate. You can see in the expressions on his face, in his body language, and in his presentation that he wanted to beat Ms. Mace with that lie.

This interview is being purged. YouTube has buried every copy of it, to hide it from the public.

That was asshattery at it’s finest. If little Georgie had a decent bone in his body he’d be ashamed, but he doesn’t. Mr. Stephanopoulos is the “Standard” in the “News Business”. A Democrat partisan hack that revels in trying to abuse anyone that doesn’t think the way they do. Here is what his two female bosses thought of his behavior.

The Disney-owned network stood by Stephanopoulos after the interview. 

“George did his job by asking meaningful questions that are relevant to our viewers,” an ABC News spokesperson told Fox News Digital.

ABC News declined comment when asked if network leadership would ask Stephanopoulos to apologize. Disney Entertainment president of News Group and Networks Debra O’Connell and ABC News president Kim Godwin oversee the division.

For those who need a refresher on the origins of this convoluted set of Lies, Lawfare, and Election interference let’s go back to circus this pile of manure originated in. This one goes to Civil Hearing brought from the fictitious accusations of one EG Carrol. They could find no Criminal guilt because the event never happened. A Civil Case Jury of New Yorker’s however loved the story, lack of evidence be damned. They gave the delusional Ms. Carroll more money than a super lottery winner.

The January verdict at a trial that Trump regularly attended and briefly testified at was based on the 2019 comments. The trial judge instructed the jury that it was only to determine what damages, if any, Trump owed as a result of his 2019 statements. They were to accept the findings of the previous jury that last May concluded Trump sexually abused Carroll at the department store but did not rape her according to New York state’s legal definition of rape.

A New York jury found former President Donald Trump liable Tuesday for sexually abusing writer E. Jean Carroll in a Manhattan department store in the 1990s but not liable for her alleged rape

The jury awarded her $5 million in damages for her battery and defamation claims.

Asked on its verdict sheet whether Carroll, 79, had proven “by a preponderance of the evidence” that “Mr. Trump raped Ms. Carroll,” the nine-person jury checked the box that said “no.”

Former President Donald Trump has posted a $91.63 million bond as he appeals the judgment against him in the E. Jean Carroll defamation case.

The notice of Trump’s bond and appeal was made with the federal court in New York on Friday.

In January, a federal jury awarded Carroll $83.3 million in damages as a result of Trump’s defamatory statements denying he raped her, saying she wasn’t his type, and accusing her of making up the allegation to boost sales of her book. Carroll will not collect the award during the appeal.

This clown show is only going to continue. The outrageous behavior that the Democrat Party and their allies in the MSM are engaged in is only growing exponentially worse on a daily basis. President Trump must never hold office, that is the only thing that matters. That is the mantra of those that have been infected with the virus without a vax, Trump Derangement Syndrome.

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