A Cabal of Arms, Pharma, Oil, Big Tech, & Wall Street lobby’s

by ~ Umesh Agarwal

“Seems the American Deep State an organization or Cabal of Arms, Pharma, Oil, Big Tech, Wall Street lobby which actively uses American soft power to further its own interest at the expense of American Tax Payers and the country which challenges the Cabal Interest finds its influence waning after the Russian Ukraine War.

The American establishment has proved them to be unreliable ally with the forces leaving Afghanistan at the dusk of night. Similarly American establishment seems to have started back channel negotiations with Russia and forced Zelensky to dilute his stand over removal of Putin as prerequisite of peace deal.

The visit of S JaiShankar Indias External Affairs Minister to Russia and Visit of Janet Yellen to India to revive Indo Pacific Economic Framework and and removing India from currency monitoring system is major climb down for the Americans after they tried to arm twist Indians by favouring Pakistan

@Providing 450 Million USD of military upgrade to F16 Fighter Jets
@Removing the Terrorist Nation from the FATF List
@American Ambassador visiting POJK and addressing it as Azad (Independent) Kashmir.

If you see the American Deep State its notorious spy agency CIA had tried every play to destabilize Narendra Modi Govt by denying vaccine components during last year COVID second wave or its state funded agencies with the help of Media trying to paint the oppressive regime of Modi led BJP Govt.

As the Narendra Modi Govt refused to budge and continued purchasing the discounted crude from Russia much to the chagrin of minuscule group of American elite, they tried to assassination attempt, engineer riots. organized protest to make the duly elected government unpopular.

The American establishment now uses proxies to further their agenda and provide them with substantial financial, military and technology resources. Shield proxies politically on all international forums and provide favourable press using the most West owned, global media (by co-opting the media and Social media platforms into the Deep State). Mostly these proxies present themselves as Journalist like Ayesha Khanum Sherwani, Self declared Fact Checkers Mohammed Zubair and many more.

In the past many Bollywood celebrities including Aamir Khan whose blockbuster films are being used to finance protest against developmental projects in India, have condemned the government of of intolerance and persecution.

Use various NGOs and Human Rights organisations, international bodies like Indian American Muslim Coucil and Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) all indirectly funded and controlled by America to destabilise and condemn popularly elected Narendra Modi Nationalist and Patriotic government.

Use the media completely dominated by the Western elites to vilify and condemn the leadership. Alleged curbs on so called democracy various freedoms and freedom of speech, freedom of protest (actually riot). Character assassination of leaders like Nirmala Sitharaman and organisations like RSS being the target.

Using its Academicia and Educational Funded institutions to demonize the Indian Culture and organize Dismantle Global Hindutva campaign are some of the attempts to malign us and put on defensive.

The greedy American elites consisting of highly corrupt media, political class and government administration have orchestrated American Decline with recklessly printing money, deindustrializing America and creating fault lines in the American society.

The American Administration have lost their respect and clout on the global scale and the Neocons the Neo Conservatives will try every rule in the book to maintain its absolute hegemony in the world resulting in more conflict prone world.

As the tensions in the Taiwan Straits hots up, the American establishment have now turned to India with the aim to dangle few carrots of American Investment in India and creating alternative supply chain in the country.

India needs to ensure that they do not become the American pawn to carry the nefarious design of American Deep State but make terms clear to Biden Administration that they will follow strategic autonomy which suits its Interest. The duo of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and EAM S JaiShankar are playing the global diplomacy game well and protect our Interest.

With India taking leadership role of G20, the next year will be defining moment for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to put India on the path of being Vishwa Guru.

~ Umesh Agarwal

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One thought on “A Cabal of Arms, Pharma, Oil, Big Tech, & Wall Street lobby’s

  1. If Americans were that smart as this article gives them credit for, it would be a great nation.

    Obviously it is not and all the different groups are not coordinated at all. It is a free enterprise system. Every one is trying to get ahead by whatever means. Looks like these different groups see opportunities in India to make money and are trying to get a piece of a pie. There is no conspiracy.


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