The Energy Crisis Blame Game

As the conflict between Ukraine and Russia continues, the government has started subtly shifting the narrative to place blame on Russia for our energy crisis.

This narrative shift takes any blame away from the UK government for the rising energy prices.

When COVID-19 hit, companies curtailed energy production. Almost overnight, the world didn’t need as much natural gas and oil. And without the capacity to store extra, energy companies had to shut down production, costing huge amounts of money and time.

There was a huge spike in demand when life restarted. They had to reverse the curtailment of the production. This was one of the huge reasons for the quick jump in prices. There was suddenly a spike in demand and production had to quickly be reinstated.

Energy prices would have jumped regardless of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

We cannot blame Russia for this energy crisis, we must blame the UK. Government. If they had not shut down the country for two years, we would not be in this situation.

Government over reaction is the reason for this and any problems that we find ourselves in.

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