FOX Townhall with Laura Ingraham and Donald Trump in South Carolina Review

Fox News host Laura Ingraham interviewed former President Trump on Tuesday night. It was an excellent interview on several levels. Ms. Ingraham but forth good solid questions, augmented by questions from the audience. None of the questions were softball, and she allowed Trump to answer the question’s.

With any Politician you don’t get precise answers, and Trump is now a seasoned Politician. What you do get from his answers are what he is going to do and why. The details of how aren’t spelled out in detail because they can’t be. There are just to many variables no one knows at this point in time. Will the Republicans control the House or/and the Senate? Right now it’s doubtful they will hold either. If he has a Republican Congress he will get done what needs to be done with their help. If the Congress is split or controlled by the Democrats, Congress will be as it is now…. totally useless. The variables can’t be known.

The following are clips from the townhall that cover the majority of the people’s interests. Besides President Trumps actual answers which were thorough, what you need to see is Trumps Mental Acuity. The Press and the Democrats are comparing President Biden, and President Trump saying that they are only 3 years apart in age. They want you to believe that if President Biden is senile which he actually is, so must be President Trump since they are so close in age. Watch for yourself, make your own observation.

This first clip was actually one of the last questions asked. I put it first because other than the senility issue this is the second common thing you hear from Democrats. Trump will seek revenge. What I love about this clip is Trumps last line. It’s a lesson responsible people were taught since they were children.

Trump clears the air on ‘revenge’ concerns: ‘My revenge will be success’

In this clip Trump addresses the age issue, and President Biden’s mental ineptitude.

CALLED OUT: Donald Trump challenges Biden to a debate

This clip is very important to the main audience of this site, those on the other side of the pond. Those that call themselves NATO….. time to pay up!

Trump: This is what bothers me about the war in Ukraine

In this clip President Trump addresses the Putin/Navalny issue, and how the Democrats in the U.S. are also acting like the communists of Russia.

Donald Trump: ‘We are turning into a communist country’

Here the former President addresses the issue of the Lawfare being used against him, and what the difference between his Document issue and President Biden’s real Document problem.

Donald Trump on classified documents case: I was allowed to do what I did

A little amusing exchange about D.C.’s town drunk Nancy Pelosi, along with a reminder of Biden’s idiocy.

Trump responds to Nancy Pelosi on Putin comments: ‘She’s highly overrated’

This is the V.P. question, criteria and choices while addressing the “Dictator’ issue that the Press likes to push.

Trump reacts to concerns he’ll ‘never leave office’: ‘They are crazy’

In this clip the former President discusses the communist Lawfare that the White House has been trying to use against him. Pointing out how the Judge in the latest case is so stupid that his “Judgement” is a direct violation of the 8th Amendment.

Donald Trump: This judge is a ‘nutjob’

The silliness of the Globalist Green Agenda, and how to fight it.

Donald Trump on gas stove bans, EV push: ‘They’re maybe mixed up, confused’

More on the disaster of the communist Lawfare the Biden Administration is using to interfere with the Election.

Donald Trump: These are ‘vicious people’

The best description of this clip is simply… Poor Nikki. It was also the start of the Townhall.

Donald Trump on why Nikki Haley won’t drop out: ‘She doesn’t know how’

This clip is Polls and Illegal Migrants.

Donald Trump: We’re doing well everywhere

This last clip is all about the ILLEGALS that President Biden has flooded the Nation with. The threat they represent, and how he will deal with them. This and the price of fuel are the two greatest internal threats to the U.S..

Donald Trump: Migrant crime will be worse than any other form of crime

The clips above average 3 minutes a piece. They cover the majority of the Townhall, and all the issues. Every clip contains relevant information on every issue we face as a Nation, and also the issues the NATO Nations need to face up to. I hope you take the time to inform yourself.

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