Shining Light into the Darkness.

We’ve come through a lot, these past few years, and I don’t know about you but I feel like Covid has changed everything – just not in the way it was supposed to do!

I recall March 2020 and it was a very busy month for me. I had been to a concert in Glasgow at the beginning of the month, on the 5th, and then taken my family to the Cheltenham Racing festival the following week. Everyone’s spirits were high and despite all the background noise concerning the “Coronavirus”, we tried to go about life as normal. But things would change very quickly. I recall being in central London on the 15th March and it was unusually quiet and I was able to get a table in a very popular spot despite not having any reservation. I vividly remember flying home from Stansted Airport on that Sunday evening and there was deep unease in the air amongst Airport staff. We knew something was coming.

And so it was that just a week later, on the 23rd March 2020, that the relatively new Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the first ever UK “Lockdown”. The rest is history, as they say. I can remember being very unsure about what I was hearing from the media but like many others, I did follow the lockdown rules. For two weeks. Then I started to ask questions about exactly what was going on, and I regret it took me two weeks to start rejecting the removal of our freedoms.

It became apparent to me in April that the lockdown needed to end, that is was economically insane, and that the “evidence” for the coronavirus seemed odd. For the first time ever, I was asked to believe I could have a deadly virus that I could pass on to others despite having zero symptoms. This seemed unlikely. So I started to rebel. I did NOT follow the “instructions” from the Government, I met with my broader family, I visited older relatives – and they all seemed happy with this. But the fear in the general population was palpable. I remember a dear friend messaging me to say that if we never spoke again because Covid took one of us, I would be remembered fondly. 

By the time summer had arrived, so had face masks. I refused to wear these and started to agitate against them on social media. A month later I was removed from Twitter. You can draw your own conclusions. I had a visit from the Police after posting an image on social twitter with my maskless in an outdoor garden centre. By this point I was of the opinion that we were being gaslit by the establishment and that we had to resist by absolute non-compliance.

This became more difficult towards the end of 2020 when the Covid ‘vaccines” were introduced and people exhorted to take their jabs to ”stay safe”.  That’s when Covid apartheid started to blossom and those of us who refused the jabs were singled out as being a bit odd, if not plain troublemakers. Bodily autonomy was out the window.  I recall the “experts “ telling the gullible that once they had taken just ONE jab, that was it. They were safe. We now know this was an outright lie but it didn’t stop so many of our fellow citizens from queuing up to get the mRNA treatment. And they keep queuing up even though NOW they are on their fourth if not fifth injection!

Throughout 2021, it became obvious that the purpose of Covid was to take total control of the population, and maybe to do much worse. Reports of vaccine damage emerged quite quickly but were rigorously suppressed. The “100% safe and 100% effective” mantra sounded more and more hollow and we became more and more outspoken against those pushing it. It felt like a battle for the soul of humanity.

The Covid psyops was supposed to keep us scared and grateful to the “experts’ but for quite a few of us, on all parts of the political spectrum, we woke up and started challenging much of what we have been asked to accept as “the truth”.  And we have a distance to go!

Here on this brand new site, we try to shine as much light into the darkness as possible. We don’t censor, we simply seek to provide you with as much truth as is possible. And you can be part of it! Submit your articles, send your thoughts! Let’s build a vibrant community together. And like me, you will not comply and you will not submit!

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