PM Rishi Sunak Owned By Globalists; Democrats Owned By The Devil

In our latest Hard Truth, David and ilana question why the GOP establishment, even the MAGA candidates, WON’T EXPOSE AND LABEL the DEMOCRATS FOR THE DEGENERATES THEY ARE. Ilana argues it is not enough to just talk about Inflation and gas prices. She suggests that many of them lack the courage to take the battle to the core of what the Dems are ALL ABOUT, BE IT pedophilia in the classroom; anti-White Critical Race Theory; the end of sovereign America and of all common decency. Attack is the best form of defense but ilana suggests this seems beyond the grasp of the GOP elite. David analyses the changing of the Prime Ministers in the UK, 3 in 4 months. He believes this is a coup d’état against the British people by ruthless globalists with the endgame of taking the UK back into the EU.

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