Chess – The global game you are being forced to take part in

Many of will know the ancient game of chess, some of you may even play it or have played it at some point. People think chess is only for the super intelligent or for geeks, that may be true for those who are grandmasters of the game, but the truth is people of all ages and abilities play it regularly.

There are so many aspects to the game and it teaches you many lessons about life when you learn how to play the game, for example you learn about short & long term strategy, observation, patience, how to set traps and how to avoid them to name a few.

For those who haven’t played the game or are familiar with the rules of the game, the object is to capture your opponents pieces and put his king into a position called ‘checkmate’, this means no matter where he tries to move he can be captured by an opponent’s piece.

How many of you realise that there is a global game of chess going on right now and you are being forced to take part and are an important piece in the game?

The game that’s taking place now isn’t between two grandmasters facing each other across the board for a world championship. It is a battle between good and evil and the prize they are playing for is the control of the world and humanity. That’s right, control over you, me and everyone else in the world, the pawns!!

Lets go with the theory that the white player / pieces are on the side of good, as white is a symbol of purity and the black player /pieces are on the side of evil as black represents darkness. I believe that trump and a few select other world leaders, military forces are the white player /pieces and that the UN, WHO, Faucci, Gates, Biden and many big corporations are the black player /pieces.

The game is already won! Only the players playing the game know this. One side is in checkmate and there is no escape for them, unless the opponent makes an error. For us mere mortals who cannot see the board clearly, we do not know all the moves that have been made and the possible moves that are left for both sides.

As I said the future control of humanity is at stake and neither side can just give up, call it a draw and walk away. One side will have to put the other player into checkmate so there is no escape and they are all captured.

As pawns we are easily sacrificed for ‘territorial advantage’ in the game or used as bait to trap and gain a more important piece on the board. There is an interesting rule in the game of chess, if a pawn avoids capture and makes it to the opponent’s end of the board, it can then turn into an important piece another knight, queen etc.

We the pawns need to realise that we can be as important as a queen, rook, knight as long as we can make it to the other end of the board first. Once we realise this and transform ourselves into something more important, we can then fight back stronger and capture the opponents pieces and inflict damage to their strategy of global domination and control of humanity.

For those who are sceptical about the points I have made about control of humanity and global domination, look at what we have had to endure for years now:

  • crashed economies and inflation – stealing our wealth from us.
  • Covid lockdowns – people losing jobs and businesses, forced vaccinations  – loss of bodily autonomy(which is against the Nuremburg code)
  • Loss of free speech through censorship on social media
  • Stolen elections – taking our right of free choice and democracy away (although did we ever really have this to begin with?)

These are just a few examples of the crimes they are committing against us and getting away with it, without any repercussions from us the pawns, as we keep voting for the same people each election cycle.

The things I listed above are all parts of the game being played out in front of our eyes. The question is now are you willing to keep being sacrificed or will you fight back and make it to the other end of the board so that you can rise up as a knight, queen, rook and help put an end to the corrupt actions of our politicians/government, big corporations and other unelected bodies that have been getting away with at our expense for far too long.

Adrian – aka fedupwiththebullsh!t

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