Nikki Haley The Taming of the Shrew

Ms. Haley has finally bailed out, I await to hear her withdrawal speech. Will she be graceful, will she be bitter, or will she be contrite? I am sure by the end of this piece I shall know.

Ms. Haley as they say, has done good works. She has also turned both nasty and bitter at times. The corruption of power is a seduction. We have yet to see for sure whether or not Ms. Haley has fully succumb to that seduction. The refusal to let go of Political power corrupts the soul. The majority of our politicians suffer from it.

When that power is lost it is not usually lost with grace. It can be, but it is the exception, not the rule.

The Republican party is fighting an uphill battle, one of it’s own making. Since the Tea Party movement it has come apparent that the majority of those that hold office under the Republican mantle, do not represent the people or the beliefs that those people hold.

Such things as truth, and justice are their last concerns. A balanced budget, A strong border, The Constitution, all mean nothing to those who represent us. These elected officials serve the power, and the graft, not the people. Each of us could rattle off a half dozen of these self-serving hacks without hesitation. We are about to see if Haley has joined the ranks of the creatures of the swamp, or keeps her honor.

The following speech is 3:51 long, you decide. Is she leaving with Grace, or Slithering into the swamp?

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