No One Want’s to Talk About This.. UFO/UAP’s

For the last 100 years if you said you saw an UFO, Flying Saucer, or anything in the sky that did not meet standard explanation you were labeled a nut, plain and simple. I mean man has only been able to fly since December 17, 1903 when two bicycle shop guys built and flew the first plane. Today there are even people who with all the advances we’ve made since, who don’t believe mankind has even made it to the moon. It was all faked in the Arizona Desert and Hollywood.

The arrogance of man never ceases to amuse. Astronomers estimate there is anywhere from 300-million to 40-billion Earth-like planets in the Milky Way, Astronomers have identified over 4,000 planets around other stars, The most common types of planets in our galaxy are super-Earths and mini-Neptunes. We know nothing of the worlds outside of our own. We are now just beginning to be able to find them.

What is outside our planet is the only thing that we know less about than our own planet. Don’t laugh some believe we are over heating our own world with cowfarts. People can be badgered into believing or not believing in anything if it’s packaged right.

UFO’s or UAP’s as they are now called in the general public fall into that same category. There are those that believe every light in the sky is one, and those who won’t believe if one landed in their yard.

Then there are the facts. Actual evidence of objects moving threw our atmosphere. Objects seen and recorded by all the worlds Military and Commercial Aircraft. The U.S. military recently released videos of a craft they call the “Tic-Tac”.

The “Tic-Tac” is a craft that looks just like it is called a candy Tic-Tack breath mint. This “Tic-Tac” however harassed a U.S. Naval taskforce for over a week till it was chased down by a flight of our advanced Fighter Jets. The “Tic-Tac” could not be caught, not be picked up on the fighter active and passive detection equipment and to quote the pilot who tried chasing it defied all known laws of physics as we understand them.

The hearing gave us a better description than the blurry released films. The objects were described as a Gray/Black Cube inside a clear Sphere. Able to move from dead stop to above Mach 2 in less than one second. Able to drop-in from out of the atmosphere to exiting the atmosphere into space with the same ease. The devise was even recorded entering the Ocean and being tracked moving at above Mach 2 beneath the water.

Now you can dismiss this as fantasy, or secret military equipment. The first one that it is fantasy is wishful thinking, the 2nd Enemy Technology (since these are American military testifying) I dismiss outright. If our enemies had this technology we would already have been at war, and lost.

Here are a few clips from the hearing, and the entire hearing itself. One thing I found very sobering about this hearing even beyond the fact the 3 witnesses were beyond credible, was the fact that both Republicans and Democrats acted like Professionals. There were no politics played out by the Representatives of both parties, for once the were acting as adults. A sight rare enough to evoke fear in itself.

This first clip is boring, but necessary it is the Chairman of the committee explaining what the hearing is about and why it is being held.

This Clip is the opening statement and introductions of the witnesses. These gentleman have impeccable credentials. They are anything but the Lunatic Fringe. They are each one of the best of the best. People who when they speak it would behoove you to listen to what they have to say, and how they say it.

The following is a series of clips on the discussion about these objects. The questions and answers given lead to a long list of further questions that need to be asked. The testimony also reveals how the information is hidden from not just the Public, but the Congress also.

I give AOC kudos and credit for touching on just a piece of how the information is hiden in a professional manner. A view of her we don’t see that often.

This questioning gets deep into weeds of the issue showing how classification inside individual depts. are used to even outflank Congressional oversight. It also shows the professionalism and credibility of the witness in his explanation of how this is done. It is also shown by how he categorizes the biological material recovered in some of these machines we are in possession of. The first one on this part is Ms. Mace questioning the witnesses.

This second one about biological remains is Mr. Berchett questioning the witnesses.

Ms. Luna and the witnesses get into the personal threats against the witnesses physically and professionally. Including more detail of the interactions with these “Tic-Tac’s” and other craft, the size of one of these objects, including their ability to jam our equipment.

Ms. Luna got a second bite at the apple at the end of the hearing as well.

Matt Gaetz is always fun to watch when he questions someone. In this clip he details UAP Evidence That he was able due to his membership in Congress to force the military in his district to show him the evidence of an incident.

You can believe whatever it is you believe about Life on other worlds, alternate dimensions, UFO’s and little Grey men, but you’re an idiot if you think these “things” whatever they are aren’t here and aren’t a threat.

The entire hearing is here below if any of this has sparked your interest.

Subcommittee on National Security | UFO/ UAP

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