The Judge say’s Bull to Hunter

Hunter Biden was supposed to have his sweetheart Plea Bargain approved today, but it’s ridiculousness and the scrutiny of the entire country won out. Mr. Biden did not get his plea deal causing him to put in a not guilty plea. As we were both delighted, and surprised to see the Judge do the right thing.

How sad is it that this is where we have arrived in our society. That a Judge following the Law is not just something we doubted, but something we expected. No one believes the Biden’s are going to be held accountable for anything.

The rejection of the rule of law has taken place openly since 2012 since AG Eric Holder was held in contempt of Congress for refusing to turn over the documents of why the DOJ sold Firearms to the Mexican Drug Cartels. We are still waiting for those documents, and Holder was never even charged in spite of the operation leading to 2 members of American Law Enforcement being shot by a couple of the Firearms.

Since then the Executive Branch and the Congress have openly acted in violation of the Law with no consequences. They have violated the Rights of American Citizens and each other. Holders of every rank and office of our Government has Lied under oath, falsified evidence, violated subpoenas, and destroyed evidence. Not one of them has been prosecuted.

The Biden Crime Families Bribery Network however may finally be pulling back the curtain on how people we elect who have no money walk away multimillionaires when the leave office, or a high government post.

The Judge saved her Reputation and did it with panache. She used their own plea deal against them. They way it was written if Mr. Biden violated it the Judge would have to level charges aginst him. Judges are not allowed to level charges only the Executive Branch DOJ is. The Plea Deal was Un-Constitutional.

Hunter Biden pleads ‘not guilty’ as plea deal falls apart during Delaware court appearance

Judge Maryellen Noreika did not accept the plea agreement, questioning the constitutionality — specifically the diversion clause and the immunity Hunter Biden would receive.

Ultimately, Hunter Biden pleaded not guilty because Noreika could not accept the plea deal as it was constructed. She repeatedly expressed her concerns about the constitutionality of the diversion deal related to the felony gun charge, specifying that the main issue with the agreement was that if Hunter Biden breached the deal, the judge would need to make a finding of fact on the matter before the government could bring charges. 

Judge Noreika said she saw that as being “outside of my lane,” noting that if the diversion agreement might be unconstitutional, then the entire plea deal would be unconstitutional, meaning that Hunter Biden would not be getting the immunity he thought. 

The diversion was an agreement in which the government would not charge Hunter Biden with the more serious federal gun charge — if he pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor tax charges and behaved under certain terms of the agreement for a period of approximately 24 months. If Hunter Biden breached the diversion, the government would try to bring the serious gun charge against him.

At that point, the government would bring that information to the judge, and the judge would be required to determine whether charges should be brought — that was the portion of the diversion which Noreika rejected, saying that would be unconstitutional, as charging decisions are made by the executive branch, not the judicial branch.

Each day investigating the Biden Crime family reveals deeper and deeper levels of corruption that our Political Class is involved in that permeates every branch, department and level of our government. This is the reason our Founders never wanted us to have a Political Class of individuals. It always breeds corruption, and abuse of power.

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