Unionism Decayed: 1997 – 2007

Unionism Decayed is the book that finally lifts the lid on the catastrophic failure of political unionism over the past decade. The alleged “peace process” which culminated in the Good Friday Agreement has been a monumental fraud and this book shows how unionist participation in it has profoundly weakened the Union, rewarded terrorists and facilitated the corruption of the democratic process.This book also confounds the accepted wisdom of the political establishment that appeasement of terrorists is a price worth paying. It forcefully points out that doing wrong can never be right. From the Ulster Unionist David Trimble’s first faltering steps into the IRA/Sinn Fein boudoir in 1997 to Democratic Unionist Ian Paisley’s full blooded embrace of Martin McGuinness in 2007, this book charts the serial failure of the leadership of Unionism to stand by its principles. It also provides a candid insight into the various major unionist personalities over this ten year period. It laments the shameful betrayal of the RUC, the subversion of the established Churches, the tragic self- defeat of the Orange Order and the elevation of loyalist terrorists as spokesmen for this brave new world.This book is essential reading for anyone who supports the aims of the global war on terror. It clearly demonstrates that an honourable peace cannot be bought by appeasing evil, it must be won by defeating it. The institutionalising of terrorism in Northern Ireland sets a dangerous precedent for the rest of the democratic world. The corrupt template it provides encourages terrorist groups everywhere – from Hamas, to ETA, to FARC.Edmund Burke observed that “The people never give up their liberties but under some delusion”. Unionism Decayed shows how democracy is twisted out of all recognition when the State and its many agencies maintain such delusions

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