Green in Tooth and Claw: The Misanthropic Mission of Climate Alarm

Through relentless propaganda, cataclysmic climate change is indoctrinated into society. But the real threat to humanity is the powerful people who are pushing this message. UN Agenda 21, executed by the World Economic Forum’s ‘Great Reset’, is building a global technocracy. Total control of population and resources is the end, the means justified by ‘saving the planet’. By stealth, digital technology is enslaving the masses, who are lured by convenience, comfort and safety.

Niall McCrae’s timely book presents a sociocultural perspective on the purported climate crisis. Tracing back to the eugenics movement, the role of the Rockefellers, and creation of the Club of Rome as a secular Vatican, he explains how the world (and particularly the West) has been captured by a dystopian oligarchy. By contrived shortages of food and fuel, the messianic elite deploys problem-reaction-solution mechanisms to ensure compliance while practising the old tactic of divide and rule. The author warns that while much of the climate change scare is hubristic, the potential for causing actual environmental disasters is within reach of the ‘green’ totalitarians.

The author argues that Net Zero policies will not only cause harm, but are intended depopulation devices. This treatise should contribute to waking people from their slumber – before it’s too late. .

A seasoned critic of destructive and dehumanising ideology, Niall McCrae has written five books, including Moralitis: a Cultural Virus (with Robert Oulds, 2020). He writes regularly for 21st Century WireConservative WomanCountry SquireUnity News Network and The Light newspaper.

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