Trump at CPAC Addressing the Anger Breaking the Camel’s Back

My colleague Mr. Vance has put what is on the line in the U.S. in such a nice proper British manner, I admire that, I truly do because I also know that he is as aware and worried about the upcoming Presidential Election as I am. I however am the outlier, I am the only Yank on this site. His friendship has been a gift to me for several decades now. With this gift to me he has also provided you a gift. A view from inside America unfiltered from an ordinary middle-class American. Now whether you gain any insight from me, or I provide you a character for amusement is totally on you. All I offer is an honest plain mans view.

Below is the full speech by President Trump at this years CPAC convention. It is well worth your time to hear what he has to say in his own words and unedited by a “Journalist” with an agenda.

The former President will be the Republican nominee for President. I personally don’t believe Ron DeSantis will enter the race. My thinking on that is in the minority, and I have been wrong before. The reason I don’t believe he will run is simple. He can’t beat Trump, but he can evoke the ire of over 2/3rds of the base. He will be viewed as a spoiler only in the race to derail Trump. I believe DeSantis knows this, Trump can only serve one term than the job is his to win. Pissing off 2/3rds of the people you need for that win just isn’t good politics.

The dirty secret about the US right now that isn’t being addressed and won’t be addressed by anyone openly, is the depth of anger that is roiling through the nation. It won’t be addressed because unlike the unemployed radical left who show their angst and anger with violence, looting, and general mayhem, the majority of Americans just want to be left alone. They want to work, raise their families and hopefully provide the opportunity for their children to better than themselves.

A third of the nation believes the election was stolen, and they are not crazy inbreds with a 6-pack and a MAGA Hat. They are hard working people who have seen both state local and even federal elections stolen before. JFK stole his election from Nixon with just the help of Chicago, Cook County. I grew up in Philadelphia where the dead vote in every election. The theft of an election whether you believe it happened or not is not the issue, nor is it the cause of the anger.

The cause of the anger is the collapse of our society before our eyes. For the past 5 years the collapse has been right out in the open for all to see. No matter the spin it can’t be hidden. What was most likely a virus being modified by the Chinese for purposes that they refuse to say escaped from their Biolab leading to the deaths of 7 Million people.

This catastrophe was then used by career politicians to attack the Civil Rights of every American Citizen. Tinpot regional Dictators like Cuomo seized unconstitutional power, arrested people, destroyed businesses, and worst of all killed 10s of thousands of our senior citizens with their dictates. The catastrophe was also used to destroy an already corrupt voting system. Absentee Ballots were created for our military, so that our soldiers could exercise their constitutional right to vote. Handled by the military this system was secure. Applying mail in and early voting to the civilian population can not be secured. The Ballots simply pass through too many hands, which is exactly what the career politicians want. The Mail in System and Ballot Harvesting used in the civilian population has proven over and over to be used to steal elections. The catastrophe allowed the politicians to apply this corrupt system nationwide on steroids.

That’s one stick, another was the attack on Law Enforcement. The non-stop Defund the Police Black Lives Matter riots that raged for months after the death of drug addict George Floyd while he was resisting arrest. They caused $3 Billion in damage, killed 30 people, rioted and robbed all while being bailed out of jail IF they were even arrested by leading Democrats including VP Kamala Harris.

A very heavy stick was one no one saw coming. The 2 year lockdown caused EVERY child to be homeschooled. The parent’s most regretfully for the first time got to see firsthand the lies and nonsense that they are teaching our children. The Teachers Union looked at it as a reward and opportunity for promoting their single political agenda. They forced millions of families into the position of going to work or leaving their young children home alone, all for a virus that was never a threat to the children while they raked in Billion’s of Covid-Cash. The exposure of their hate filled CRT and other programs evoking the peoples ire is only the beginning of what these wretches deserve.

Another stick on the anger camels back was the J6 Hearing. This illegal unjustified attack on the American People’s Civil Rights was a Soviet Style witch trial. They rounded up 100s of people and threw them in a Gulag in Washington DC. They were denied their right to council, denied their right to a speedy trial, were subject to a General Warrant issued to the cell companies to illegally track 1000s of people. Everyone who attended the rally had their Civil Rights violated and those arrested were denied Due Process. These things mean more to the people than these Tinpots understand.

The largest stick however is the size of a Redwood Log. They censored our speech. They have made a wholesale attack on the holy of holies an American’s ability to bitch, complain, and debate. This was not Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or Alphabet censoring us. The censorship was directed, controlled, and ordered by the Democrats in the Federal Government.

Has the Camels back been broken? No, but how close is it to that breaking point?

Each day it seems another stick is thrown on the pile. They are actively destroying the economy all based on their Cult Religion, the pseudo science Climate Change. They have decided that the Gasoline Engine will cease to be used. They have done so without discussing it with the American public. As AOC put it “It’s coming whether they like it or not”. There are no replacements for Americas personal vehicles, of which the average American family has a minimum of 2. That’s not counting pickup trucks and box vans that are also owned by those same families as independent contractors. They are the largest single working group outside of government workers. How do they do their jobs? How do parents get to work, or children to school? There are only 5 Cities in the U.S. that have a Public Transit System, only 3 out of that 5 does it operate 24hrs a day. Even if they were to replace for free every car & truck in America with an EV there is no place to charge them. The power grid couldn’t handle it even if there were enough charging stations. Yet several states have already banned the sale of Gas powered vehicles by 2030, that is only 7 years away. That clock is ticking, but it will run out long before they can replace the gas engine. I guess the horse and buggy will be making a comeback since it will be the only way a majority of Americans will be able to travel.

I could continue to add to this list, but I think if you’ve read this far you should starting to get a glimpse of the anger. Now listen to Trumps speech through the lens that I just painted for you.

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2 thoughts on “Trump at CPAC Addressing the Anger Breaking the Camel’s Back

  1. I very much want Trump to win again, but I fear the left will do anything to prevent that. Anything right up to assassination. It’s happened several times in American history.

    We are on the brink of huge change. The cross roads before us will determine whether we remain free or are enslaved and our numbers reduced rapidly. That is the globalist plan in case you haven’t been paying attention.

    We must choose wisely and be prepared for possible mayhem.

  2. We are at a crossroads on a couple of different levels politically and technologically. The globalist can cause problems even here in the US the BLM/ANTIFA riots proved that, but it also proved one other thing.

    For the global agenda to succeed you have to disarm the american citizen. It doesn’t matter what they display to the american people how many “innocent” bodies. That year of riots reaffirmed the reason the Law Abiding Citizen has to be armed to defend themselves because no one is coming to help. We’ll never give up our guns, but we will never in my view be in the situation where that is the only option.

    This country is far from down nor is it going to collapse. Biden is pushing us into a major depression it’s already begun. That actually works in our favor. The only reason things are in the state that they are in is because those running things are corrupt and hold office in one way or another for life.

    That is what needs to change, and I have faith that it will, and without major bloodshed or a revolution. Trump is part of heading us in that direction and down the path to bring our exported jobs and industry home. So yes they will do anything to prevent him from winning.

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