This is called REPRESENTATIVE Governing

If you watch, listen, or read anything that is being said about the process taking place over the Speaker of the House election you’d think it was a disaster.. It’s not!

The process you are witnessing is strange because it is rarely seen. It is what actual Governing looks like. Representatives with different views, elected because of those views, fighting for those views. The Congress is supposed to debate it’s differences. Whether that is the full Congress vs the Administration, or the Courts, The House vs the Senate, Democrat vs Republican, even members of a single party that are in disagreement, their job is to debate. To put the argument for what they believe on the table, present that argument, and debate it with those that disagree with those arguments.

That is exactly what we are witnessing, it is not chaos. It is a Constitutional Republic acting as it was designed to act.

Kevin McCarthy has served as House Minority Leader in the House of Representatives from 2019 to 2023. He served as House Majority Leader under speakers John Boehner and Paul Ryan from 2014 to 2019. For the past 11 years McCarthy has been in Leadership. During that time no party has suffered more failures since the Civil War. Other than seniority and lobbyist connections what does he bring to the role as Speaker?

Now the argument can be made that during the majority of that time Democrats controlled the House and the Senate, except for the 2 years that the Republicans controlled the House, the Senate, and Trump was President. During those 2 years McCarthy, while in leadership, slow walked and obstructed legislation his party’s President wanted to get done.

The last Congress as Minority leader his job was to get more Republicans elected. In a normal Midterm the opposition party gains 20 seats, 30 or more if the economy is bad. McCarthy had both conditions and failed miserably; he picked up only 9 seats. No matter how you cut that it’s a failure of his leadership.

When you consider McCarthy’s failures, and the games he played against conservative members of his own party while in leadership the fact that there are objections to him becoming Speaker should surprise no one.

The 20 objecting to McCarthy don’t really even want someone else in the job. What they want are guarantees that the Constitutional Process will be put back in place in the House of Representatives. They have such horrible demands like Amendments being allowed to be added on to Bills from the floor. That objections be allowed, that no Bill is negotiated behind closed doors away from the view of the House members and the American Public. The worst demand of all… That the budget is actually done according to Constitutional Law. There has not been a Federal Budget in 7 years, only continuing resolutions and omnibus spending Bills which are not Constitutionally legal budgets.

Odds are in favor that McCarthy will be Speaker, but some of the demands for a return to the Constitutional Process will be met before that happens. How many of those things are put back in place is what the “Chaos” or more factually The Debate is about.

So breathe deep and relax….. the system is working as it was designed.

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2 thoughts on “This is called REPRESENTATIVE Governing

  1. Excellent analysis Pat.

    It’s obvious this isn’t your first rodeo.

    There is no substitute for reason based on experience.

    1. Why thank you Mike.

      Watching everyone loose their minds is both amusing and sad.

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