The Galley Boy, and the Cleanup

The incident on the platform at Liverpool Street Station, which I mentioned near the beginning of the video, can be found at

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4 thoughts on “The Galley Boy, and the Cleanup

  1. I feel very grateful/blessed for having found David Vance, Ged and all the wonderful writers that take the time to share their thoughts/opinions with great articulacy on this website. I thoroughly enjoy reading/listening to everyone of them. Thank you all.

    Mr Cunningham, I could listen to you ‘until the cows come home’!
    You have a wonderful gift of telling a story with love, sadness, humour and humility…………..🙏

    My kindest regards to you my dear man. ❤️

    1. Thank you for the kind words about myself and David and more importantly Mike who does tell a great story. Thanks again Jayne

    1. Thank you Patrick and Ged.

      I truly feel the kinship between you all gives me and my husband hope for the future in mankind.

      My husband and I will both keep fighting for our freedoms albeit in different ways but suffice to say we work as one. 🙏

      Again, thank you all. 💕


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