MLK Jr is Rolling Over in His Grave

Today is the 60th Anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr’s “I Have a Dream” speech. If he were to come back today to see what has happened to that dream, and his name he would be devastated.

James Earl Ray killed MLK Jr, but his Dream was killed by Democrats and the so called leaders of the Black Community.

King was a pacifist, a man of the cloth, a true man of steel. He spoke truth to power. That ALL PEOPLE were equal. That they should not be judged by the color of their skin, but the content of their character. Today’s Democrats and Black Leaders refuse to judge anyone by their character but ONLY by their color.

Instead of being taught in school that anyone can become and achieve anything they strive for our children are taught by Democrats that they are victims or oppressors. They base this purely on the color of a child’s skin. They fill the children with hate instead of hope, they are reintroducing segregation in the name of equity instead of equality.

Democrats and Black Leaders have destroyed the Black Family. The majority of black children are born out of wedlock if they are born at all. In NYC the majority of black pregnancies are aborted, this is the trend in most Democrat Cities. In all Democrat cities black are not held accountable for their actions, whether that be Petty Theft all the way to Murder. All in the name of Equity.

All of MLK’s work has been either undermined or completely destroyed. The black community have been made to believe they do not control their own destiny. This is in spite of the millions of success stories of black individuals since King’s assassination. We have Black Mayors, Black Police Chiefs, Black Billionaires, A Black President, and a Black Vice President.

The Black Community is devastated not by racism, but by black on black crime, a lack of family structure, a lack of self respect, and a lack of morality. No one but the individual is responsible for the events of their lives. No one is owed Reparation’s.

Until the black community owns it’s own failures that they have brought upon themselves since King’s death, as a community they are lost. Instead of living in the falsehood that has been sold to them by their leaders the individual black man and woman need to look at the millions of black successes an learn from them.

Equity is not Equality.

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