‘Strangers on the Shore’ is the penultimate episode of the evergreen classic ‘Only Fools and Horses’. During the course of the storyline Del Boy, Rodney, Trigger and Denzil accidentally sneak what they assume to be an illegal migrant from France to the UK. Unable to speak English, the migrant is called ‘Gary’ by the brothers when they introduce him to the rest of the Trotter clan so as not to arouse suspicion of his means of entry to the country. However, it doesn’t take a sharp-witted Raquel long to realise ‘Gary’ is an illegal, with his presence at Nelson Mandela House liable to see the Trotter brothers prosecuted for their unintended smuggling activities.

Doesn’t that seem a long time ago? Back in 2002, people who arrived on Britain’s shores via unorthodox means were illegal immigrants without question. Today, in far darker times, they’re deemed to by ‘desperate refugees fleeing persecution’ from that known war-torn location, northern France. Also, instead of illegal immigrants named ‘Gary’, we have our very own self-appointed protector of all things migrant-related – one Gary Lineker. Yes Saint Gary, Patron of Soapbox Extremism and Footballing Forwards, took it upon himself to label the government’s new Illegal Migration Bill and the language around the issue akin to 1930’s Germany. Given it’s highly unlikely Lineker was referring to the birth of to-be terrorist, Ulrike Meinhof in 1934, we can therefore deduce he was making a comparison between the proposed deportation of illegal migrants and the regime that slaughtered 6 million Jews. Even by the barmy standards of typical Left-wing cogitation, that’s quite a stretch!

I wanted Lineker to be sacked from his presentational role with the BBC. Not because I am an unbeliever when it comes to free speech but because Lineker, by effectively shilling for an open-borders policy involving people who deliberately destroy their means of identity before arriving here, is advocating a situation where those who directly pay his exorbitant salary via the TV Licence are placed in potential danger by the illegals he holds a candle for. How do we know the public is placed in danger? Because we have examples of it, that’s how! I have mentioned in previous posts a young man named Tom Roberts, brutally murdered in Bournemouth by an Afghan ‘asylum seeker’ who already had two previous murders on his CV. And how did Lawangeen Abdulrahimzai arrive on these shores? Yes, that’s right, he arrived with all the other ‘petrochemists, financial technicians and cardiothoracic surgeons’ on a boat in the Channel. I doubt Gary Lineker would give Mr Roberts even a momentary thought as he arrived at his grand abode in leafy North London. He doesn’t have to. For streets full of Linekers are, ironically, always a long way away from the streets full of Abdulrahimzais. 

It’s not just Tom Roberts we’re talking about here. Seven-year-old Emily Jones was stabbed to death nearly a year ago in Queen’s Park, Bolton by an Albanian illegal (Eltiona Skana) with psychiatric problems, who’d arrived in the United Kingdom in the back of a lorry. Any chance of showing her some sympathy, Gary? Perhaps you can suggest to Tim Davie, that supine Director General at the Beeb, to exempt her parents from paying the TV Licence fee you draw your salary from. I think that’s only fair as your open-borders espousal supports the broken system that contributed massively to their daughter’s demise. Feel like being charitable, Gary? C’mon, you know you want to.

If approaching the DG is a bit too daunting for you how about Ian Wright, Alan Shearer and yourself lavish some of that cherished ‘solidarity’ we all witnessed last week on the family of Lorraine Cox! In the autumn of 2020 she was the young woman murdered, dismembered one week later and then dumped in an alleyway in Exeter by an Iraqi Kurd, illegally in the UK after having his claim for asylum denied two years previously. Apparently scared that the immigration authorities would finally catch up and deport him, he took Ms Cox back to his flat and then stabbed her repeatedly after having sex with her. Because that’s what you do apparently when you’re deemed to be an asylum fraud: You murder and butcher an innocent person!! With thousands and thousands of undocumented illegals housed in comfort in hotels at the British taxpayers expense, it’s more than likely that a fair few of them will have equally sinister histories or behavioural particularities. But why should Gary care? There’s absolutely no danger of any of his family succumbing to criminal elements cunningly disguised as…… did Gaz word it?…… it……..’vulnerable people’. After reading the above three examples (and there WILL be more in time), you wonder how Lineker could use the term ‘vulnerable people’ sans a sense of intense irony and still keep a straight face. Candidly, I can’t read his tweet and the language therein without the urge to vomit!

If Lineker and his chums currently at the BBC want to champion the endangerment of British society via a policy of mass, identityless, illegal immigration that’s up to them. What I can’t accept is that they are given a platform to do so courtesy of a position handsomely rewarded by the Licence fee contributions made by people who are forced to live at the coal face of that same endangerment. When Beth Rigby, Jon Snow, Paul Brand and James ‘Self-righteous’ O’Brien enunciate their achingly metropolitan Left-wing drivel on a daily basis, I can switch off safe in the knowledge that none of the money I earn goes towards their respective fortunes. With Lineker, I don’t have that safety net. Myself and millions of others are compelled under threat of criminalisation to swell the coffers of a man who’s far more preoccupied with championing the principle of turning our country into a doss-house for undesirables than he is defending the rights and the safety of the British people. I’m sorry but that, by any measure, is completely and utterly unacceptable. 

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