A Choice of No Choice

I am proudly Right-wing. Unashamedly so. Whereas most young people start off in life with Left-leaning proclivities, I started off my political life as a teenager somewhere between Norman Tebbit and Margaret Thatcher on the ideological scale, and gradually moved even further to the Right as I reached middle age. Nobody is born with their ideas and beliefs. Many, like myself, are nurtured by life’s own experiences and changes. Since I hit adulthood in 1990, I have seen a country I loved and was deeply proud of turn into an overcrowded, fragmented, destabilised entity; which is institutionally saturated with self-hating liberals and peppered with literally hundreds of objectionable Third World enclaves where the writ of ancient national values, belief systems and cultures no longer runs. And where those values and belief systems have taken flight, the rule of law has swiftly followed. It’s why, for example, we can see hundreds of thousands of radical Leftists arm-in-arm with Islamic militants on the streets of London every Saturday and few arrests, whereas a similar-sized gathering of the English Defence League would be guaranteed to precipitate the most brutal police response since the Battle of Orgreave in the summer of ’84.

So if you’re like me – someone of the Right – then who the hell do you vote for to create change in the forthcoming General Election? If the Reform Party stands a candidate in Halifax, they will almost certainly receive my endorsement. But it will be an vote borne of frustration and anger, not one designed to bring about the kind of transformation I fervently believe this country so desperately needs. In all honesty, who outside the media tents of SW1 gives a toss about what’s going to happen on July 4th? Or even what’s going to happen after that? It’s going to be either Starmer or Sunak because you can never underestimate the power of the electorate to go around in circles in an essentially two-party system.

Given those dire choices, what can we say so far? Well, first there’s Sunak. He announced the General Election doing his best Eric Morecambe impersonation from the hilarious ‘singing in the rain’ routine, before journeying to Belfast’s Titanic Museum apparently unaware of the disastrous symbolism associating yourself with that ship can impart. As for Starmer, he commenced the campaign telling us he was “glad democracy had finally been returned to the people” (or some such cobblers). This from a man who, when the biggest act of democracy this country had ever seen was carried out by ‘the people’ in June 2016, spent four years doing everything he could to frustrate and undermine it! Are these two globalist rodents utterly impervious to the concept of self-awareness? Or do they believe ‘the people’ are that collectively thick as to fall for their lies and duplicity?

As an erstwhile Tory devotee, my fury at a party that I have endorsed at every General Election since 1992 cannot be understated. I voted Brexit (as did millions of others) for two very simple reasons:
1). To ensure that all the laws made for the United Kingdom were made IN the United Kingdom (the basic definition of self-governance).

2). As a means to retake absolute control over our national borders in order to reduce net immigration to levels this country was accustomed to before Blair initiated (and the Conservatives continued) the experiment of population replacement.

What have we been given? Perhaps the biggest political betrayal in British history. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say if I was told the Conservatives from 2020 to 2024 were avid readers of the tactics of Ephialtes, it wouldn’t surprise me. Not only did they leave part of the Kingdom firmly (and deliberately) under EU control as a way to prevent significant divergence for England, Scotland and Wales; they doubled-down on the most tsunamic wave of mass migration this country has ever known. Since 2021 alone, 1.9 million net immigrants have come to our shores. 1.9!!! That’s only a slightly smaller figure than the population of West Yorkshire…..in THREE years! I’ll make no apology for describing the people behind this as loathsome, treacherous bastards who care not a fig for our cultural identity, community cohesion, infrastructural ease of use, provision of public services or, indeed, our long-term survival as a nation.

It’s pointless for individuals such as Nina Myskow (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qfxE8QB0_NQ) to blame this country’s woes on Brexit, when the institutional/political fabric of our country (thanks to mendacity from Blair, and casual acceptance by all Conservative leaders since) is so indelibly stained by those of her ilk that Brexit as demanded by the electorate has intentionally never been delivered. Where the Tories betrayed Brexit, Labour will seek to reverse it by a thousand cuts. By the end of a Starmer nightmare (I refuse to call it a ‘term’), we will likely have a Schrödinger’s Brexit – legally enmeshed in the EU’s rulebook in all manner of trade and commercial ways, but nominally outside the bloc. This will be sold to the electorate by a compliant and Left-sympathising media caucus in exactly the same way gerrymandering the electorate by lowering the right of suffrage will be sold: as essential pillars of a ‘progressive society no longer encumbered by Tory reactionary politics’. Starmer (almost certainly to be the next PM, with or without an overall majority) will continue where Blair left off: the continuation of the moulding of the state to ensure judicial and treaty commitments can act as effective prophylactics to any attempt by a genuinely Conservative government at some point to enact a populist agenda well into the future.

Returning to immigration, I can’t foresee circumstances in which Labour will seek to radically reduce either the amount of legal or illegal numbers coming here. For socialism, at its most rudimentary level, doesn’t really believe in the nation-state as anything other than a patch of territory over which it can exercise power. Enduring national bonds mean nothing. It is at this moment I am reminded of a conversation I had with someone at the gym this morning. Her 74-year-old father, who has been asked to leave his rented accommodation because the owner wants to sell, has been told by a housing officer the only available suitable property is in Harrogate – 35 miles away. In the meantime, hotels across Calderdale are being readied for the continuous stream of unwanted interlopers continuing to rock up on our coast. If there’s one thing politics over the last 25 years in this country has taught me (and this morning’s conversation has reminded me), it’s that there is no Establishment better than Britain’s at looking after everybody else, whilst continuously defecating on its own people. Perhaps that’s why we see Labour and the Tories as two cheeks of the same arse…because of what comes out in-between!

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