We’re Only Making Plans for Nigel

Just as you were beginning to think this General Election campaign had all the excitement and promise of a Sinclair C5, Monday’s bombshell announcement from Nigel Farage that he has assumed the leadership of the Reform party and will stand for Parliament in the Essex seat of Clacton has livened things up in a way few could imagine a couple of weeks ago. I was driving home from work when I heard the live broadcast of his decision, and I felt a tinge of optimism for British politics in a way I hadn’t experienced since the Brexit withdrawal process was finalised in January 2020.

It’s not that I have a particular fondness for Nigel Farage as a personality. I’m guessing he’ll have many of the traits of arrogance that beset a number of prominent politicians. That said, there’s one thing we Yorkshire folk like and that’s figures who tell it like it is. No embellishments. No half-truths. No living in denial. And, like him or loathe him, Farage fulfils that requirement of candour. Have immigration rates been an absolute crime against the British people for over 20 years? Too bloody right they have! Do we have a significant problem with Islamic radicalism and its consequent manifestations in many parts of the UK? Yes, indeed! Are we ruled by a political class whose members are so far removed from a sizeable chunk of the population that many feel totally bereft of any quality electoral representation? Well, you’ve only got to look at the huge rise in popularity of Reform following Farage’s Monday declaration as evidence of that. As well as plain-speaking, Farage is a gifted orator. It will be interesting, if not highly amusing, to see him come up against Angela Rayner – the Manchester equivalent of Lili Von Shtupp from ‘Blazing Saddles’ – in the forthcoming leaders’ debate.

Naturally, it wasn’t long after Nigel Farage hit the streets of Clacton that a typically-entitled Generation Zoomer took it upon herself to drench Farage in a copious quantity of banana milkshake. As she was led away in handcuffs, the Twitter applause for her mindless assault from the usual vile Left-wingers could be heard reverberating around the cybersphere. For never forget, Farage is hated by the Left in this once-enlightened country in a way even Boris Johnson could never match. The reason for this? Because Farage – more than Boris; more than anyone – is the individual charged with the biggest role in extricating this country (or most of it) from the European Union. Without Farage there would be no Brexit. He turned a nascent political movement into an electoral tour de force nobody in the Conservative party could ignore. Sadly for them, they subsequently and patently failed to carry out the Brexit mandate under Boris or under Sunak: They didn’t remove the entirety of the UK from the EU, and nor did they control our borders with regards to either legal or illegal immigration. When you think, for example, that more people from Pakistan arrived in the UK between January 2023 and April 2024 than came here between 1971 and 2000, you begin to appreciate the demographic scale of betrayal foisted on us as a nation from a party supposedly keen to defend and ‘conserve’ (the clue is in the name) British patriotic pride and common values.

The Left and liberal blobs in this country (and in several other EU countries) will never forget Farage for orchestrating Brexit. Nor will they forgive. For Brexit went against the great Left-liberal plan: A worldwide political order in which nation-states are rendered obsolete for the purposes of preserving national identity, and whose only raison d’etre is to eventually become jurisdictional laboratories for the promotion of a common set of Left-wing or uber-liberal values forged through a variety of intergovernmental/supranational organisations. Mass immigration is a key plank of that plan, as is the EU’s ‘ever closer union’ sentiment. The European Union is the most advanced of these organisations, which is why its ruling apparatchiks greatly fear the Right-wing populist backlash now brewing across many member states. Actually, Brexit is the very antithesis of their grand plan: A project rooted in a desire to preserve a British nation-state as many of us knew it growing up; in control of its own destiny; and one where those directly elected by the people make our laws and execute governance over us. In the eight years since the referendum, the number of media and political pundits who’ve yet to grasp those basic truths is staggering.

Reform has driven the Conservative party (and are primed to come after Labour, too, once their glitter starts to dim in the face of factional party infighting and immigration broken promises) to a state of psychological convulsion. Good! Are the Conservatives that dumb they thought they could systematically betray millions of people without repercussions? That it would be OK to deliver an incomplete Brexit and the importation of millions of immigrants every bloody year!!? Never! They are going to get a kicking not seen since 1997, and the strategy of sending out the occasional tidbits of populist vibe to attract voters back to the blue stable is as pathetic as it is transparent.

What Farage plans for this election is not a party that capable of official Opposition through force of numbers. It aims to achieve that through force of electoral threat, with only a decimation of the Conservatives crucial to that end goal. What Reform wants to do over the course of the next Parliament is to realign the Right. From my point of view it is solid on the need for a full-fat Brexit; solid on the integrity of the union of the United Kingdom; and solid on the need to stop illegal migration and drastically cut its legal counterpart. For those three reasons alone I will be pleased to offer them my vote on July 4th. I hope (and fully expect) millions of others will do the same.

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