A Braver Man versus Spineless Cowards

Ever since Boris Johnson was unceremoniously dumped out of the Conservatives, our governing party has been making a concerted effort to alienate itself from the voter coalition that put it into power with an impressive 80-seat majority just four years ago. It will insist on hammering nail after nail into its electoral coffin – with niche causes and objectives of little or no interest to the people who gave the party its substantial mandate in November 2019.

On Monday, November 13th, however, it didn’t just knock one nail into that proverbial coffin but an enormous 6ft spike! The political establishment, of which Rishi Sunak is a prime leadership example, rallied to defend itself against the ONE member of the Cabinet prepared to candidly call out just what an unmitigated disaster multiculturalism has been – in this country; and in every country in which it has been tried and tested (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12741131/The-shattering-Schengen-map-reveals-ELEVEN-countries-France-Slovakia-Sweden-Germany-rebelling-against-EU-free-movement-face-terrorism-control-immigration.html). From the emergence of parallel societies to the introduction and facilitation of utterly barbaric, or misogynistic, or socially unpleasant value systems, multiculturalism has gradually eroded the common bonds of national identity and identification, and replaced them with a mishmash of competing ‘communities’, each with lifestyles and cultures guaranteed protection and promotion by all the state apparatus. I reckon if you took most of the major figures of government (at least those on the political Right), plied them with copious amounts of intoxicating liqueur to remove their inhibitions and them asked them what they thought about multiculturalism, they’d be every bit as critical as Suella Braverman has been over the past few weeks. The difference is she doesn’t need booze in her system to tell it as it is.

Much of the mainstream media have, yet again, missed the central point about the repulsive river of humanity that meanders its way through Central London every Saturday. Whilst they focus on whether or not the state has the legal ability or the personnel capacity to curtail or ban such an abhorrent display (I am not sure that it does), my focus is on the implications of that march on Armistice Day. That 300,000 choose to display either their rancid Jew-hatred or their obnoxious ethno-religious neurosis on any day of the year is bad enough. But when they choose to do so on what is, without question, the most sacred day on the national calendar, it goes to illustrate just how bad things have become in this country.

Jews have been in the United Kingdom in significant numbers since Cromwellian times. I don’t want Jews in Britain to feel afraid and unwanted here. Instead, I want those who hate Jews to feel afraid and unwanted here. I make no apology for saying so candidly. Those who think it’s appropriate to demonstrate Jew-hatred and who have come to this country should be deported forthwith. No ifs or buts. As for those native to this land who are indoctrinated in the hatred of our oldest minority, methinks some compulsory re-education classes on anti-Semitism are called for. If the authorities can provide rectification refresher courses for those convicted of speeding behind the wheel, surely they can do so for those charged with inciting murder, expulsion or terrorism against the Jewish people. After what they endured in Europe for hundreds of years, I think that’s the least we owe them.

So toxically potent has mass migration and multiculturalism in Britain become, we have the unique distinction in the West of our politics being discombobulated and disrupted by events that take place on a different continent! For calling out the thousands of hate marchers for being exactly what they are, a principled woman with conviction has been thrown to the wolves. And for what? The realignment of a party increasingly at ease with disregarding the views of its voter base, and the career resurrection of a man who, just 48 hours ago, was dead-heading roses for the winter in his back garden. Because it’s not just the defenestration of Suella Braverman that indicates a Prime Minister without scruples, it’s the promotion of David Cameron. I can think of no greater example of the middle finger being given to the millions of Brexit voters, and the seismic change they wanted in British politics as a result of it, than enthroning the man who turned-tail and scarpered when a referendum he promised he would steward irrespective of the result did precisely the opposite. Sunak could have reshuffled anyone in the current Cabinet to one of the so-called ‘great offices of state’. That he decided to bring back Cameron speaks volumes. Sunak wants a return to the ‘Heir to Blair’ politics that has dominated the Conservatives since the Millennium. It’s back to the Blairite consensus, folks. At the next General Election you can choose between Starmer’s Blairite project or the one on offer from Rishi. The only difference between the two is that the at least the former has some (if extremely limited) spark to it, whereas the latter is enervating and totally bland. Both will continue to worship at the altar of multicultural ‘vitality’, whilst the majority of the rest of us will go into the future as citizens in a land increasingly demographically, culturally, and socially alien and authoritarian as consequences of it.

As for the ‘far-Right’, who received a wholly disproportionate level of criticism for the disruption and disrespect they also showed on Armistice Day (I guess the media likes to take the focus away from the far bigger problem), they are small beer – electorally and socially. It’s why the reaction from that aforesaid political establishment was so different when it came to the comparisons between the deaths of MPs Jo Cox and David Amess. Both brutally murdered by evil people, politicians were quick to assign blame to the far-Right in the case of the former, but extremely circumspect to blame radical Islam (or ‘Islamism’ if you prefer) for the latter. Why? Because they know, however much they fulminate against the far-Right, that such people are small enough in number not to pose an everyday threat to their very existence. The same can’t be said for radical Islam, for those barbarians have been invited into this Kingdom in their hundreds of thousands.

One day, and it won’t be by the next General Election alas, the British people will be so fed up at seeing their country besmirched by displays of hatred and social separation that have been imported into Britain thanks to an endless conveyor belt of spineless politicians, they will elect a Prime Minister who, like Suella Braverman, will feel confident enough to call out the damage of multiculturalism. The difference is he or she will have an unassailable mandate to actually do something about it!

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  1. 100% correct. That we struggled to get volunteers for RBL this year says it all. A far-left Met police tackle the easy targets of the right wing but ignore the child rapists who may continue.


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