America we have a problem

The famous line we heard from Apollo 13 “Houston we have a problem” told us the lives of 3 people were in danger. The following lines from the President:

Now that you have returned from the July 4th recess, I want you to know that despite all the speculation in the press and elsewhere, I am firmly committed to staying in this race, to running this race to the end, and to beating Donald Trump.

Those lines told every Democrat in Congress’s their Political Lives were in danger. It worked, every Democrat that had said publicly that President Biden should step aside has recanted their words. Now where I had great concern for the Apollo 13 Astronauts, I have zero concern for every Democrat that holds office. They brought this on themselves.

America we do have a problem, we have now and have had it for quite sometime a President that is mentally incompetent. A President who refuses to give up power. A President who stole the last election, and who believes he can repeat that steal a second time.

Even if you’re dumb enough to believe the last President election wasn’t stolen, you can not dismiss President Biden’s lack of mental acuity. This condition is not new, it has existed his entire Presidency. It existed before the 2020 election. Every elected Democrat, their staffs, every member of MSM, all knew his marbles weren’t playing the same game. The Democrat Party and MSM made sure there was no Democrat Primary this election to hide the extent of Biden’s loss of faculties.

If they had held a primary, a real primary President Biden would have had to debate RFK Jr, Cornell West, probably Hillary Clinton along with a half dozen others. Instead the Democrats allowed no Primary Race in any form we have ever seen. They kept him isolated, no debates, while at the same time they kept everyone who would challenge him off every State Primary ballot. Giving him, and him alone complete control of the nomination.

The Democrats believed they could continue to hide Presidents Biden’s condition as they have for the last 4 years. As in the last election they hid it by never letting him leave his basement, yet won with more votes than any other President in American history, even beating the amount of votes President Obama received.

They have conducted Lawfare against his political opponent, as if the U.S. is no different than the former Soviet Union, or the Chinese. They still may put Trump behind Bars, the Lawfare is not over. We won’t know that until Sept. 11th when Judge Merchan sentences him for the phoney 34 Felony’s he convicted him of.

America we have a problem, the White House and all Presidential decisions for the past 4 years have not been made by the man who supposedly won the election. We the people have no idea who has been making those decisions.

Decisions that have caused 2 major Wars to erupt in the world Ukraine & Israel. Decisions that have destroyed the American economy tripling the cost of fuel which effect every aspect of our lives. Decisions to eliminate all gas powered vehicles over the next 10 years that 99.9% of Americans use, and need to live their daily lives. Decisions to tie the American future to the economic future of China, rather than the will and ingenuity of the American public. Decisions to allow over 20 million illegal immigrants into our country. Every decision over the past 4 years has not been made by the man supposedly the American public voted for.

The Democrat Party is not going to be able to remove President Biden from the ticket. this late in the game it is impossible. If they succeed in repeating what they did in 2020 the United States ceases to exist.

America we have a problem!

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