The Sound of the Silenced

They attempted to curtail the rise of the AfD in Germany ( and mooted a possible ban. Macron is apparently considering the use of emergency powers in the event Marine Le Pen’s Rassemblement National party wins the forthcoming national plebiscite in France ( In the United States, a politicised court has stymied Donald Trump’s desire to build momentum in the looming presidential election for transgressions no more serious than anything other presidents (including media darling Bill Clinton) were guilty of. Here in, once, good old Blighty, the mainstream media are engaged in a pile-on against Nigel Farage for comments he made about the context of the war in Ukraine ( Yes, that’s right! A malignant political class who’ve spent the last nearly 30 years presiding over catastrophically obscene levels of immigration to this country; a political class who’ve ruined our civic societies through the promulgation of Wokery and political correctness; and a political class who’ve presided over the atrophy of our public realm (littered streets, potholed roads, unkempt verges, etc.) now want to make this election all about Farage’s opinions on the state of the conflict in Ukraine! You couldn’t make it up!! The political and mainstream media forces in all those countries are united in an effort to silence the voices of those whose opinions they don’t like, and ignore the millions on whose behalf they speak. That’s what we’re up against in Britain as the General Election gets ever closer. By the time my next article goes live in two weeks, we will have been cursed with the arrival of a Starmer-led Labour government. God help us!!

You don’t have to be a fan of Putin’s Russia (I certainly am not), or agree with the invasion of Ukraine (I absolutely don’t) to appreciate Farage has a point on the historical contexts which a narcissistic sociopath like Putin used to justify his invasion of the country just over two years ago. When interviewed by Nick Robinson of the BBC – that aggressive, abusive, smear-merchant who passes himself off as an enquiring journalist – Nigel Farage replied that he had predicted war in Ukraine 10 years ago. And he did! Here he is in 2014 (maths was never my strong point, but I believe that’s…..erm…..10 years ago) in a debate with Nick Clegg, spelling out then that an expansionist EU was a threat to peace in Ukraine ( There’s a hell of a difference between giving a contextual perspective on a resulting action and actually agreeing with that action. Nigel Farage, whatever you think of his personality or opinions, made that prediction and he’s turned out to be proven right by subsequent events. But, as back then, there is no room to express an opinion contrary to what the mainstream political and media classes want you to think. That’s also the case with immigration, NHS worship, human rights, a proper Brexit, international aid, the Pride lunacy or Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. No longer will opinions at variance with the Uniparty zeitgeist be even listened to, much less analysed for potential merit. As Reform UK experience a meteoric rise in opinion polls, you can be pretty certain the next two weeks will largely consist of a Con/Lab/Lib pincer movement to discredit the party and/or its leader in any way possible, in tandem with broadcasters such as Sky News and the British Bullshit Corporation.

Why have Sky ( and the BBC placed such emphasis on these remarks and tried to infer a support of Putin by Nigel Farage? For the same reason the Beeb refused to include him in a Question Time debate earlier in the week (but were happy to include the leader of the Scottish secessionists who only 8% of the UK population can vote for). It’s a strategy: Delegitimise on the one hand and Deplatform on the other. Where Farage and Reform articulate views on issues millions of voters care about, pretend such issues are inconsequential and not worthy of being debated to a large extent with other politicians. Or, if Farage or another Reform personality air a view outside an ever narrowing ideological worldview, misinterpret what they say and infer they’re batting for the bad guys. It’s all so painfully transparent. It happened on that debate a decade ago, and it’s happening again today.

I repeat: Do I believe Putin is a danger to both his own country and the wider region? YES. Do I think he was right to invade another sovereign country? ABSOLUTELY NOT. Do I view Ukraine’s leader, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, as a hero of his nation? NOT REALLY. I think he’s an opportunistic individual who’s using the conflict for his own political career enhancement, and he’s a man mired in his country’s appalling levels of corruption. In fact, a large percentage of Ukrainian people concur with that view ( Like him or hate him, Farage has been proved correct over the long-term and should therefore not be subjected to the levels of disdain the Establishment media and political parties are putting him through. The man is not perfect – far from it. He has voiced opinions on issues I fundamentally disagree with him on. That said, massive percentages of the general population know a stitch-up when they see it….and they’re seeing it now. ‘Reform poses a threat to the status quo and must be silenced or delegitimised as much as possible’. It’s similarly why coverage of the US presidential election has been almost non-existent on British screens during 2024. When saints Clinton and Obama were running for the White House, the UK MSM scrutinised their almost every move. This year? A wall of silence. Maybe they don’t want to give airtime to their anointed one (Biden) because they realise he looks and sounds increasingly like Major Gowen from ‘Fawlty Towers’. However, my guess is they don’t want the positive exposure of a personality (Trump) most of them loathe, but who know he now leads in all the swing states necessary to propel him to a second term in the Oval Office in 5 months time (

I don’t know if Labour will secure a huge number of constituencies (I feel the polls are exaggerating the size of their projected majority). What I do know is that Reform will bag millions of votes from millions of discontented Brits – myself included. Whatever skulduggery the media and the main parties use to discredit this burgeoning movement will, I predict, come to nothing. We see what you are doing and we will not be silenced – before July 4th…..or after it.

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