Folks, there ain’t nothing like Global Warming: because your Government been lying to you!

I have always been a Sceptic when it comes to predictions, even when the people making those predictions say that their words are backed by Science.  I mean, when a politician climbs on to the Climate Bandwagon, and claims that we’re all going to die because of our way of life, because we’re producing lots of Carbon Dioxide; through things like heating our homes, driving efficient and safe petrol and diesel cars, getting our weekly shop from supermarkets, who of course use petrol and diesel trucks to get stocked up with those same shopping items. Not forgetting the most efficient methods of generating electricity are either coal, gas fired turbines generation, combined cycle comprising gas turbines plus (waste heat powered) steam turbine to alternator. 

So, the ‘Greenies’ determine that the ice is going to melt in the Arctic, and the Antarctic, all because of that nasty Carbon Dioxide warming the planet, and piling up the melted water. So we all have to pay huge amounts of cash to subsidise hundreds of gigantic windmills turning electric generators, all of which are supposed to replace all those nasty CO2-generating power stations which are supposed to be hastening the end of the world. Along, of course, with covering ever-expanding millions of acres of arable land with solar cells, all of which are then connected to substations and then on into the grid. Not many of the people who glorify and push both wind and solar cells are truthful enough to admit that both systems have major drawbacks: namely if the wind doesn’t blow, or the sun doesn’t shine, like at night, it would take a first class miracle to make them generate electricity. 

Not many people outside of the world of ships and cargo transportation know of the huge costs being imposed upon ALL major shipping lines, in order to appease the great Gods of Climate Change. Because the lobbying from the various crazed Global Warming clowns has been successful, all major shipbuilding companies, in places like Japan, South Korea and China have bowed to the pressure, and fitted COscrubbing equipment, at a huge cost, to ships flagged all over the world. The big shipbuilders have also required their engine builders to make both new and existing ship engines to accept ‘Dual Fuel’, accommodating such diverse fuels such as methanol, bio-diesel, ammonia and hydrogen. 

The ship-builders and shipping companies, acting as one, have said they have absorbed the costs, but in actual fact, the costs have been retrieved by placing or charging extra for delivery of a tanker, or a huge container ship, and then by the shipping companies charging extra to move that eighty-five percent of the world’s traded goods to their destination. So when you look at a supermarket shelf, and compare prices to those of even five-odd years ago, that substantial price rise isn’t only because of the nation’s inflation, its because of the higher charges due to shipping those goods, whatever they may be: because the shipping companies have seen the costs THEY have been landed with, and have passed on those same charges and costs to the companies who import those goods which are now displayed on those supermarket shelves.

So, I would state that I am proud to be a Climate Denier, proud that I have not been taken in by the lies, by the pseudo-science, by the John Kerrys and the Obama’s; and by the autistic blurtings of Greta bloody Thunberg! 

I do so wish that there were more commentators such as the truly estimable Tucker Carlson.

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