They Want a Civil War

The elected Democrats actually are hoping for violence. Nancy Pelosi has been working on starting it for 6yrs, but now they are using the entire government to push as hard as they can hoping to provoke a major incident.

What they expect to gain by doing so is beyond me. Whatever scenario they have in their heads it will never playout, not the way they want, or the way they think it will. On the one side they are playing the long game. They want to control the vote. They want the votes counted by the Federal Government so that the stealing of an election can’t be observed.

I worked as a poll worker for 30 years in Philadelphia, and the Greater Philadelphia Region. 99% of elections are valid and accurate, but there is and always has been that 1% where the counts are adjusted. There are a 100 different ways to rig it, hell the dead have always voted in Philly. The majority of those stolen elections are minor ones. They’ll take place in a district where the party has decided who they want in the seat or office, and they make it happen. All the United States is divided into little power regions. One party or the other controls the region usually with a very large margin. Placing the person they want in the win column is easy. It is also very rarely a big deal, people don’t really care. That is sad truth.

Only 2 Presidential Elections have been stolen in the last century, Kennedy v Nixon, and Biden v Trump. The difference between the two is Nixon refused to throw the Country into turmoil by fighting it, while Trump screamed foul and has fought it, loud and hard.

The other major difference is today EVERYTHING is caught on camera or can be tracked electronically. With the mountains of this evidence it has been proven how the vote was manipulated. It was multi staged, very organized, and totally coordinated. They pulled it off perfectly and held off the proof until after Biden took the Oath. Once that happen it was over. It’s next to impossible to remove a sitting President in his first term, there just isn’t enough time. The American People know this, accept this, and can suffer any fool for one term.

This however is different – the Democrats at this point hold all the cards. They have worked themselves into a frenzy with 6 years of trying to destroy Donald Trump. The Donald tossed the whole apple cart, both parties hated his guts. Except they ran into one problem, no matter what your opinion of Trump is he has been proven to be the cleanest politician to ever serve. They investigated him, his businesses, his family, and every known associate and except for a few accounting bullcrap charges against an 80yr old business associate who didn’t declare his car and kid’s school, they have gotten absolutely nothing. 6 years of detailed examination of every aspect of Trumps life and they couldn’t find anything to convict him of. I don’t believe there is another Politician in the world who could have survived such an examination.

Yet they continue and not just against Trump but even against any civilian that supports him. They want to make it Illegal to give voice of any support to Trump or the things he spoke out for. They have publicly declared “MAGA” people Domestic Terrorists, people the DOJ/FBI need to observe and investigate. They have labeled American Citizens that fly the Gadsden Flag and even the Betsy Ross Flag as “Red Flags” of people to watch. For the last 244 years these Flags have been the two most Patriotic Flags you could display. They are our original flags.

Normally rhetoric like that from a politician would be ignored, shrugged of as just campaigning. Now though it’s not rhetoric. They are actually acting on their ideological insanity whether it violates the law or not. They have have engaged in malicious prosecution, against both the Former President, and the American People.

The Stalinist show Trial that is the January 6th Committee has violated not only every legal standard, but 100s of peoples Civil Rights. Now if you choose to believe those Trespassers were involved in an “Insurrection” I’ll pray for you, because you need mental health to the point that only God can fix.

The Raid on Trumps home violated his Rights and was in violation of preexisting Law. Not just my opinion, read it in the Wall Street Journal.

The Trump Warrant Had No Legal Basis

A former president’s rights under the Presidential Records Act trump the statutes the FBI cited to justify the Mar-a-Lago raid.

A President can take whatever he wants and hold onto it as long as he wants. This has been proven over and over again and all very recently. When a President chooses what he wants to take he is still the President and everything he takes is immediately no longer Classified, Secret, or any other designation anyone chooses to label it. He has the Final say. The Material may even be extremely sensitive even in regard to National Security, it does not matter and the Courts have said so repeatedly in just the last ten years.

President Obama took 30 Million records from his term in office. It was all delivered to a warehouse were he said it would be Digitized and put online. 6 years later not one record has been Digitized. Bill Clinton had utilized the recording system in the Oval Office. When it was discovered he was taken to court to turn the tapes back over. Judicial watch filed suit, both the NARA & The Courts said in court, that anything a Former President says is his “Personal” records then that the Former President is the final say on the matter and can not be compelled to release them. These same people are now claiming that this Law does not apply to Former President Trump…. just because he’s Former President Trump.

The question is WHY ? The Answer is simple.

The Federal Government has decided that the United States will no longer utilize oil, gas, or coal as our Primary Energy Supply. The whole system will be changed to green fuel and it will be done now. Biden’s first day in office he shut off all further development of Fossil Fuels and initiated its complete disassembly from our Infrastructure.

The People of the United States were never asked if this is what we wanted. They didn’t ask because they no the answer would be NO. Instead they have chosen to force their green policies onto the people regardless of the consequences. The damage it is and will cause our entire society is irrelevant. Implementing these policies gives the Federal Government complete control of our lives. Donald Trump and those that support him are an existential threat to these plans and therefore must be stopped at any cost. For 50 years our politicians and economists told us we must be energy independent.

Donald Trump achieved that in less than 4 years, and was initiating the creation of a massive export system and market for that fuel. The reason Trump blocked the Russian pipeline to Germany was because WE were going to supply that Fuel. Biden reversed it, you can see the result for yourselves. Germany and the rest of Europe are in a panic because, just like the OPEC nations, Russia is using their supply as a weapon against the West. As bad as it is getting in Europe in the U.S. it is exponentially worse.

Our whole system is based on the consumption of cheap fuel. Every product, every item in your house, office, every item in every store was carried on a truck. 98% of Americans old enough to drive has a license to do so. Every family home has a minimum of two cars that are driven everyday. There are only 3 cities in the entire United States that you can get to work to 24/7 in U.S. without having a vehicle, and we do work 24/7. That places the gas powered engine as the lynchpin of our society.

The cost to operate those vehicles has DOUBLED in the first 2 years of the Biden Administration. The price of a gallon of gas when Biden took office was just less than $2 a gallon. It is now over $4 a gallon. It was almost $5, but the flooding of the market from our strategic military reserve, along with people cutting their travel to an absolute minimum the price has temporarily dropped. Even with this temporary drop it has still doubled while he was in office as it was designed to do. The goal is to force us into Electric Vehicles whether we want to or not. The number one priority in that is to make it impossible to afford to continue to operate anything that uses a fossil fuel. If you think I exaggerate here is a headline from today

California to Ban the Sale of New Gasoline Cars

The cost of this pipedream is the complete destruction of the American system and way of life. The January 6 Committee, and the Raid on Mar a Lago are direct evidence that they are willing to use the force of the entire Federal Government against any Citizen of the United States to complete this shut down of fossil fuel. That is what is really going on in America as we watch in shock.

Congress have passed the bill this week to dismantle gas stations and replace them with charging stations. What is called “The Press” in this country has continued to refuse to report on these actions and what it will do to our economy and way of life. The Public have NOT been informed.

None of this is possible if Donald Trump runs and wins the Presidency. They can not duplicate the steal of the last Presidential election, having done it the way they did the whole country is watching the upcoming vote with a jaundiced eye. That leaves them the one choice, the one they relish. Donald Trump must be PREVENTED from running.

He will be Indicted before the Mid-Terms while the Democrats still have full control of the government. They will then claim he is ineligible to run. The question is what will they do when over 30 million people tell them to go to hell? They are hoping that when they do bar him from running people on the right will react with violence. Then they can then use that as an excuse to do multiple hostile actions to half of the country, to the point of using force against American Citizens.

Their Pipedream will never playout, and God Help us if it did. There are 700 million firearms in the hands of the American Public. The last thing any of the people want is to use them, but the Democrats in their sick dream believe that they can provoke violence and then contain it….

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