My evidence at the Holocaust Memorial Enquiry, inclusive of that small CENSORED Paragraph

The video record of the Allied Cameramen, finalised in the possible name Holocaust; Night Will Fall, can be found here.

The Scourge of the Swastika can be located at this link on Amazon

One of the many pages of The Enquiry Record can be located Here..

The censored Paragraph is replicated here:-

Some 99.9% of the parents and families of those Ten Thousand ‘Kindertransport’ children perished in the ovens of the Nazi Death Machine; that same Machine which of course was allegedly never known about, never revealed, and never-ever discussed by a totally “innocent” German population. The very same population who roared their approval during the Berlin and Munich monologues from their idol Adolf!

The Appeal Court’s decision to block the Memorial has itself been blocked by the Minister, and the Memorial, despite the judge’s decision, will now proceed.

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