The Deindustrialization of Germany and Worldwide Recession

Europe is Circling the Drain

Germany, a once great and prosperous manufacturing economy, is now an economy in terminal decline. Capital flight is taking place, this was previously unheard of as Germany was always a magnet for capital. The only point of comparison could be the 1920’s or 1930″s. There’s little appetite among industrialists to invest.

Germany was always a highly regulated economy, but it was great to invest in as things were organised structured, systematic and stable.

It’s not just international investors, German industrial groups are withdrawing money.

The future of Big Manufacturing is not in Germany. Germany no longer has access to cheap, reliable Russian gas, changing the entire business environment. The prosperity of the West since the Industrial Revolution has been based on readily available energy, the ability for people to be mobile, freedom to make good business decisions based on economic logic, but now business decisions are based on DEI and EDG and energy flow is no longer reliable as green energy cannot sustain heavy industry.

Germany’s very successful economic relations with China are in doubt as the USA is becoming more hawkish and bellicose over China, and Germany dare not go against the USA, as we saw with Nordstrom. The USA executed a terrorist attack on key German infrastructure and Germany didn’t utter a word. This says everything you need to know.

Financial demands are also growing, German policies demand that there must be a surplus, but this limits fiscal manoeuvrability. German monetary policy is run by ECB, further limiting the government’s scope for financial manoeuvre.

Germany props up the entire EU as the biggest contributor by a long shot. Poland used to withdraw the same amount the UK contributed. Most EU countries are net drains on EU resources.

There’s a worldwide decline in manufacturing, not only in the EU but China is also contracting: recent Chinese manufacturing data is weak.

USA manufacturing data is more positive, but this could be down to military production related to Ukraine. Only Russia is increasing manufacturing.

Furthermore, despite cuts by OPEC in oil production, prices don’t tend to rise, indicating we’re in a significant global recession.

Germany is facing severe problems, but faced with global recession will spiral downwards even more so. The ongoing Ukraine debacle is piling on misery after the disaster of lockdown and money printing during covid. Not to mention the collapse in productivity during and after covid.

Heavily liquidity and massive spending by Biden was detrimental enough without the war and sanctions which are disruptive to the world trading system. Dollar dominance is also in question.

German policies towards Russia and Green policies ie closing down nuclear energy, will solidify the German economic and social decline.

While Germany helps drive worldwide recession, that will circle back to damage Germany in a vicious cycle

There’s no political will to fix these problems, and what’s more, global confidence in EU and US institutions is fading, leading to an increase in Arab solidarity and more countries looking to join BRICS and the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation.

Political alternatives in West are lacking meaning the course cannot be changed. It’s simple really: end sanctions, stop Net Zero, resolve Ukraine and destroy DEI and ECG.

The AFD are growing in popularity, but can they achieve any political power in time? The earliest Le Pen can achieve power is 2027, Trump in 2025 by which time it’s too late

Meloni in Italy is useless and between the fake Tories and Labour, we have no hope in the UK.

The Ukraine conflict was partly designed to destroy Germany. The Ukraine situation is unwinnable and the strategy now is to rather destroy it, than salvage it.

From choas order….the New World Order.

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