Rod Stewart, Zelensky’s best friend

Did you see that esteemed Sir Rod Stewart has warned how Russia could “get into every NATO country” if it is allowed to conquer Ukraine – and revealed his concerns about the US withdrawing financial support for Kyiv? Yes, seriously.

He may be approaching 80 but the geopolitics analytic skills of Sir Rod remain..err….sharp? Talking of Russian President Putin he said…

“You let that arsehole into Ukraine, he’ll get into every NATO country.”


And we’ll have to join the army, We have to support Ukraine right to the end

I am not sure if Sir Rod is planning to enlist himself, perhaps he will tour the eastern front and cheer up those Ukrainians being fed into the meat grinder?

This isn’t the FIRST time Sir Rod has been to the fore in parroting British Government propaganda. Do you remember his view on those who refused to take the Covid jabs?

“Sir Rod Stewart will only allow those who have had their third Covid-19 vaccine to attend his Christmas party and slammed those who have chosen not to take the vaccine, branding them as “killers” and spoke of how he has banned anyone unvaccinated from attending his festive get together.

“It makes me angry, especially in America where they talk about “It’s my right, it’s my freedom’. No it’s not! Because you are a killer, and you can be killed. We have a big party at the house every year. We have a marquee and a band. We’re just going to make sure everybody has been tested. It’s dead simple. If you haven’t been tested, if you haven’t got the two vaccines and the booster, you can’t come.”

Do you ever wonder why those such as Stewart say these things? Can they be THAT stupid, or are they THAT evil? What role do they have within the propaganda machine? How do they become such apologists for the narrative? Is it their PR team, or is it something more than that?


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