I don’t like Mondays!

How do you feel when Monday morning comes along? Is it a sense of dread, is it a sense of excitement or does it make little difference to you? The older I get the more I look forward to it. From my perspective I see a fresh week ahead with all sorts of challenges and opportunities. It’s that which motivates me, it’s the sense of wiping the slate clean on the week that was and starting again that is the thrill!

There is no doubt that there is a rhythm to the week. And I like that. I try to work as hard as I can from Monday through Friday, ease off on Saturday and relax entirely on Sunday. By Sunday night I am looking forward to Monday again and all that it might bring. Some weeks have more challenges in them than others, and of course, I feel stress as much anyone else. But without challenge what do we have?

Having that natural demarcation between the weekend and Monday is a good thing and unlike Bob Geldof, I do like Mondays!

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