Reparation’s aren’t Justice, they’re Bull

The following will upset those who refuse to face the Truth about Reparations. It doesn’t mean I’m a racist white supremist for me to say no one owes you a damn thing.

The Democrat Party has been pushing for “Reparation’s” for Black Americans. They have sold the lie that because a couple of hundred years ago Black People were enslaved in the United States that We the People of the United States now owe every black person in the U.S. a ton of money and other special benefits. In California they are talking Millions for each man woman and child. Below is an article about my hometown of Philadelphia and what they are proposing there. The Story ran in the Blaze.

‘Root of poverty is white supremacy’: Philadelphia faith leaders advocate for reparations, discuss ‘womanist theology’

ANDREW CHAPADOS January 20, 2023

A group of over 100 members of Philadelphia’s congregations met recently to take part in a course that advocates for reparations, according to Fox News.

A group of Black Clergy in Philly are blaming the poverty and violence in the Black Majority Community of Philadelphia on “White Supremacy”. The cause is led by the misguided Rev. Naomi Washington-Leapheart, the City of Philadelphia’s Director for Faith-Based and Interfaith Affairs.

The course is part of a campaign called “Rise Up for Reparations” and consisted of members from 15 of Philadelphia’s religious congregations who were given “several opportunities to create reparations action plans in congregational cohorts,” according to Rev. Naomi Washington-Leapheart.

This shakedown is very well organized, and coordinated. It is designed to place the blame of any and all the ill’s that any black person suffers on the “White Man”. Washington-Leapheart, believes “generations of white supremacy,” is to blame, and that it has even been “theologically sanctioned.”

The “Course” is not a course, it’s a brainstorming sessions of so called Clergy to come up with plans for free money and goods based simply on the fact that they are black.

Washington-Leapheart, Philadelphia’s director for faith-based and interfaith affairs, told Fox News Digital that the root of poverty came from white supremacy:

“We realized that the structural root of poverty is White supremacy, which relies on the exploitation and theft of Black labor and other material resources,” she said.

“Reparations is a strategy that both acknowledges the centuries-old cause of our present inequities and moves money and power so that Black communities can finally be made whole,” the director added.

The course is a source for “moral and psychological” healing, according to Washington-Leapheart, who calls reparations “deeply spiritual work.”

Moral and deeply spiritual this so called Reverend calls this movement. I am sorry I can find no morality or spirituality in the act of taking from others that which you did not earn and are not entitled to. In my view it is a violation of one of the Ten Commandments “Though Shall not Steal”. Yet that is what this group of Clergy is preaching. The theft from others for crimes that no one alive has committed, and no one alive has suffered.

“[Reparations] transforms the way we are in relationship to each other and seeks to repair the moral and psychological wounds we all have because of race-based oppression. Reparations provides an important opportunity for healing,” the advocate explained.

No, it deepens any animosity that has already been sown by division and ignorance.

Along with poverty and reparations, the course touched on different topics such as “womanist theology” and the show “Atlanta,” a drama-comedy about the hip-hop scene in the Georgia city.

The program is part of Philadelphia’s Commission on Faith-based and Interfaith Affairs along with an organization called the Truth Telling Project.

The TTP was established in 2014 in response to the death of Michael Brown, who was shot by police, publicized with the “hands up don’t shoot” narrative that is widely considered to be provably false.

An entire organization based on a lie with the sole purpose of using that lie to rob from others.

Also speaking at the event was a member of the National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America, a pro-reparations group that advocates for entire institutions and organizations to be established worldwide in order to issue reparations for the “return of their seized and stolen land, the capital of their seized and stolen property and assets, the value of their forced and coerced labor.”

The Philadelphia commission is looking to meet with at least 100 congregations in 2023 to continue work on reparations.

“We believe that we’re well on our way with the momentum we have now,” said Washington-Leapheart.

I find it offensive that so called members of the “Clergy” are preaching theft, and racism. That they have forsaken self respect, the family, and the teachings of Faith. What the “Clergy” should be concentrating on is that 77% of those that actually make it through High School in Philly can’t pass a 6th grade Math test. 63% can’t read above an elementary 6th grade level. 64% of black children are raised in single parent households. Combine this with the fact that Philadelphia has the Nations largest open-air illegal drug market in Kensington, and the murder rate in Philadelphia is 22.47 per 100,000, compare that against Chicago. The murder rate in Chicago is 18.26 per 100,000. Philadelphia makes Chicago look safe. The abortion rate in Philadelphia is the highest in the state. in 2020 the last available data 11,301 black woman had an abortion performed in the city.

When you look at these numbers how does the “Clergy” prioritize free money and goods over rebuilding the strength of the black family in Philadelphia? In my view they’re focused in the wrong direction. The key to a successful future for any group in any city is the family and morality. There is no better group than the “Clergy” to address the real problems of blacks in Philly. To espouse the importance of family and morality. That a woman should not have or abort a child out of wedlock. That a man should not father a child with someone other than his wife. Even the very basic tenets of morality right and wrong, though shall not steal, though shall not kill, and though shall not worship the false idol of drugs.

The mission of the “Clergy” is to heal. To use faith, love, and God to provide guidance and hope. Not to sow hate and animosity based on race.

I was raised in Philadelphia, however I am a white man of Italian and Irish decent, so there are many who will dismiss what I am saying based simply on the color of my skin. To respond to that let me provide for you an educated black man. Economist and Writer Professor Glenn Loury. Every black Philadelphian should hear his message compared to that of the Philly “Clergy”, as published in Unherd.

American economist and writer Professor Glenn Loury spoke on a panel as part of a conference held at King’s College, Cambridge. The event, ‘Towards the Common Good: Rethinking Race in the 21st Century’, was organised by The Equiano Project and aimed to promote liberal and universalist approaches to tackling racial conflict and inequality.

An edited version of his speech is printed below.

Fellow combatants in the culture wars, we are fighting for our lives here. We are fighting for the preservation of Western civilisation and the hour is late. I only mildly exaggerate.

I am an economist by training and that is a bust of the great John Maynard Keynes, here at King’s College, Cambridge. It resonates.

I agree with my friend and colleague Shelby Steele that, for black Americans, when we talk about disparities in race the problem is not oppression: the problem is freedom. The problem used to be exclusion and discrimination; the problem today is freedom. We’re well into the 21st century and African Americans have equal citizenship before the law in the United States, as a matter of fact.

Don’t bother me with anecdotes. I’m talking about the basic structure of citizenship. It’s a level playing field; it’s an open field. The ball is in our court. The issue is, what shall we do with our freedom?

I’ll quote another great economist, Thomas Sowell, who has taught us that disparities are one thing and discrimination is another. This is now my second point. The first point is, for black Americans the problem is the problem of freedom, not unfreedom. My second point is that disparities are one thing, discrimination is another. Disparities are not, ipso facto, evidence of unfreedom. Disparities are to be expected.

There’s a deep irony here when the identitarians become group egalitarians. The identitarians are the ones who are constantly telling us, “This is my identity; this is who I am; this is my group; this is my culture; these are my people. Don’t tread on us; don’t culturally appropriate us. We are an integral, distinct, identifiable type.”

Okay. So you have your blacks, you have your browns, you have your yellows, you have your gays, you have your whatever. How, then — since you are so insular, distinct, identity-based and different — should we expect that you would represent yourselves in equal numbers in every dimension of human activity? That there would be the same number of doctors, the same number of engineers, the same number of financiers, the same number of school teachers, the same number of criminals, the same number of shopkeepers per capita across all these different identity categories — if, indeed, identity is a real thing. The position is incoherent.

We should not expect group equality across every aspect of humanity and we don’t see it, and this was Thomas Sowell’s empirical point in book after book after book. Everywhere you look in the world you see disparities because everywhere you look in the world you see cultural differences which reflect themselves in human behaviour, which then lead to different representations in various areas of human activity. So disparities are not ipso facto a problem.

Finally, I want to say that equity is not equality. I could name them but I won’t: the writers in the US who are so prominent now — Ibram X. Kendi comes to mind — in promoting a certain ideology assert, “I see a disparity. I want equity.” And by equity they mean an equal representation. This is not equality.

If you use a different standard of assessment in order to achieve equity, you have just patronised me. You have just communicated tacitly that you don’t think I’m capable of performing according to the objective criteria of assessment as well as anybody else. I am now your client. I am now a ward. I go or come by your leave.

This argument that “We blacks must be made equal and you have to open up the doors and let us in! Never mind that our test scores are not as great” is pathetic. It’s a surrender of dignity. You will not be equal at the end of that argument even if you get what you ask for. There’s no substitute for earning the respect of your peers: if they grant it to you out of guilt or pity they have just reduced you, not elevated you.

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