Killing Us Softly with Their Throng

Having riled millions of British people with their intense coverage of the ongoing situation regarding the invasion on our southern shore, the mainstream media have now fallen silent on the subject once again. It’s made me wonder whether our news channels (and I include GB News and TalkTV in this) are interested in anything other than clickbait coverage and headlines designed to do nothing except draw audiences in for ratings. Unlike the vast majority of TV news anchors my anger over this isn’t a passing fad, and I certainly want far more than periodic coverage of an issue which has the potential to seriously undermine our country’s social and political harmony.

Let’s not beat about the bush here. What we have is an illegal invasion – not of asylum seekers dishevelled and traumatised by war, but of economic migrants in expensive dinghies and in possession of the latest communication technology. These are not prospective doctors, surgeons, lawyers or poet laureates. They are, at best, illegal unskilled people who expect British taxpayers to provide them with months, if not years, of luxury accommodation pending any successful settlement claim. At worst, they are cultural or violent subversives whose express intent is to do us harm. Either way, governments around Europe are far keener to be seen to ‘honour their international obligations’ at the expense of providing safety and security for their own citizens. They are eagerly abetted in this mission by powerful lobby groups who have the ear of a sympathetic media class. As to the hotels hired out by the Home Office, they’re often located in communities that are not used to precipitous demographic change – especially that bringing with it such ‘delights’ as female grooming, inter-cultural hostility and gang criminality.

I remember the plot line from the 2003 movie, ‘Johnny English’. A mad Frenchman, Pascal Sauvage, has the declared aim to be crowned King of the UK so that he can turn it into the world’s largest prison.  “We empty every prison on the entire planet, we take the resulting tidal wave of human scum and we put it here” says Sauvage, pointing to a map of the UK. With the way the politicians in this country (and others) are carrying on, it seems they’re turning Sauvage into a prophet! People whose pasts we know absolutely nothing about are being billeted in hotels – often in prime tourist spots at a cost to the British taxpayer of £7 million per day! British people don’t expect to go to the likes of Stratford-upon-Avon to be confronted by groups of Balkan men eyeing them shiftily as they walk by the hotels. A weekend in Blackpool watching Somalians with culturally-incompatible values being fed, clothed and given warmth at the Metropole Hotel, whilst Brits who’ve fallen on hard times resort to finding sustenance at the town’s Bolton Street soup kitchen wouldn’t be on most folks’ to-do list, either. What are their real names? What are their criminal backgrounds? What are their intentions? Let’s face it, our government doesn’t know and the illegals have no incentive to tell us. Communities up and down the country are at the mercy of of this throng of humanity, slowly but surely suffocating the Britain millions of us once knew.

Who do successive government prioritise the rights of illegal incomers over those born, bred and economically active here? I believe it is a combination of two factors: 

1). Substantial cross-party Members of Parliament who positively salivate at the ideological thought of Britain as some faceless clod of earth with hundreds of thousands of nationalities dwelling on it.

2). Prominent figures in the Civil Service who, since its politicisation, have declared open warfare on the voters and those politicians who actually desire and demand full control of our borders. These are the same people who had no compunction whatsoever about describing Boris Johnson and his closest allies as both mad and bad. Charlie Peters, in the latest edition of The Critic magazine ( ), highlights the problem any government on the political Right will have in trying to bring about meaningful change – even when fully minded to do so. Simply put, these parliamentary and Civil Service elites have jumped off the proverbial deep end. Their preoccupation is being true to their own moral and ideological compass with wider society being the necessary collateral damage. I cannot see this ending well.

It is not just here in the United Kingdom where increasing numbers of voters see the damage and possible consequences of mass, illegal, undocumented aliens decamped to their neighbourhoods. The Irish Republic has also seen its fair share of anti-illegal migrant sentiment over the past couple of months ( ). Ireland has some of the highest rental prices anywhere in the developed world, yet their rulers and self-declared ‘betters’ see fit to allow thousands more (many under the misnomer of ‘refugees’) into the country every year. If you create more demand for housing through an explosion in population levels, the prices of properties are going to soar. You don’t have to possess the arithmetical prowess of Carol Vorderman to see that! Two of the most pressing concerns to the voters of the UK and Ireland – house prices and health service pressures – have a significant proportion of their genesis in the phenomenon of high immigration (legal AND illegal) vis a vis general population growth. Immigration should be limited; it should be comprised of those willing to integrate; and it should be inculcated into the minds of those fortunate enough to avail of permanent settlement anywhere in the British Isles that residency status is a ‘privilege and not an entitlement’. How you achieve the latter with incomers who have blatantly and mockingly taken advantage of government weakness frankly escapes me. Naturally the response of the Irish chattering classes was as predictable as it would have been here. The protestors were labelled ‘far-Right’. It’s the default taunt from those who, not sufficiently satisfied in ruining the countries over which they govern, are quite prepared to defame in the strongest possible terms anyone who calls them out on their sociological vandalism.

Protestors recently put a stop to a planned ‘asylum’ accommodation site in Cottingham, East Yorkshire ( ). Direct (peaceful but determined) protest and agitation is the only way traditional communities across the Kingdom are going to escape this blight. Don’t rely on ministers, civil servants or Care 4 Calais groupies to come to your aid, for they couldn’t give a damn.     

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