Rainbow Coalition demands you lose your Rights.

The global LGBTQ+ coalition, supposedly in place to encourage “inclusion and tolerance”, is rapidly being turned into a vicious totalitarian weapon to impose absolute conformity and erase diversity of opinion. Let’s travel to Canada to see a particularly egregious example of this in full display!

We read in the National Post thatTwo provinces have now warned school boards that a failure to properly observe Pride could be illegal!”

We will get to what properly observing Pride actually means in practise but first let’s get the full picture of the Pride tyranny on open display in Trudeaustan.

“In B.C., Education Minister Rachna Singh opened Pride Month with a lengthy statement detailing how a failure to affirm and recognize students’ gender identity is a violation of the B.C. Human Rights Code.

“All schools must comply with the Human Rights Code and demonstrate they are creating safe, welcoming and inclusive environments for our students and staff, adding “when students can see themselves reflected in the world around them through stories of same-gender parents or math problems that use ‘they/them’ pronouns in a school environment, it sends a strong message of acceptance.”

What unbelievable garbage!

For starters, why should LGBTQ+ “rights’ of the students in these schools trample the rights of Christian/Muslim/Jewish students who may hold very different views on these matters? Whilst the Bible teachers us to hate the sin but love the sinner, no Christian can in all honesty advance the LGBTQ+ agenda. So, what happens to those teachers working in Canadian schools who sincerely hold such values? Well, it seems they must shut up and go against their own principles by ensuring LGBTQ values prevail. This is unconscionable and a breach of their Human Rights, but it is happening in the NAME of Human Rights. The inversion principle that is a clear marker for Satanism in full display.

Let’s also take a moment consider the speed at which this pernicious ideology is advancing in Canada.

Only five to 10 years ago, Pride Month celebrations within the Canadian K-12 school system were relatively muted, if they existed at all. As recently as 2018, even the Toronto District School Board marked Pride Month with little more than a flag-raising and a contingent of teachers and staff in the official Toronto PRIDE parade.   Now, in school districts across the country, Pride Month will routinely include assemblies, craft projects, guest speakers, “spirit” days in which children are encouraged to wear rainbow clothing to class, and school-wide Pride décor.

Can you imagine what it will be like in another five years? Can you imagine the impact this has on impressionable young minds, some of which may have natural questions about their own gender security? We read statistics from the US that suggest over 20% of Generation Z identify as LGBTQ+. This number is likely to keep rising as schools such as those in Canada direct vast resources to normalising gender dysphoria and celebrating the trans agenda.

The West is being morally hollowed out from within and this is happening in the guise of diversity and inclusivity. The Rainbow coalition may have started with good intentions playing on our natural desire not to discriminate against our fellow human beings, but we have now crossed the Rubicon and discrimination against the normal is now in full flow.  The truth of the matter is there is no place whatsoever for this Gender ideology in schools which are supposed to be a place of academic learning. The Rainbow Coalition have moved schools into the frontline for their Gender Wars and Canada is a warning to us all. It is coming for us all and the time will come for parents who have children in these toxic places of Gender propaganda may decide it is safer to remove their kids from this pernicious ideology.

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