Never Forget!

They wanted us to die alone, in pain, at home. They wanted us locked up, shunned by the rest of the world. Let’s NOT forget the media shills who spent the past few years demonising us Purebloods!

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One thought on “Never Forget!

  1. I’ll never forget David, none of them, especially Edwina Curry ie salmonella in eggs, her involvement with Jimmy Saville, dropping her panties for the grey of greyest Prime Ministers, John Major……….a woman who has a dismal history of very bad judgments.

    I speak only for myself, please don’t feel you need keep in touch over the next few days ie Gettr etc etc. Go and kick up your heels with laughter and companionship with like minded people.

    I too am so proud of you. 🙏

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