If things go as planned… Which they didn’t

As I write this the Mid-Term Election’s in the United States are over. This was the first Nationwide Election since the Big Steal committed by the Democrats. It has yet to be shown that the United States can have an honest election anymore. With the economy the way it is the Democrats should have been crushed. Instead they maintain control. Even electing a man who can not understand the spoken word and who is obviously brain damaged from his Stroke to the U.S. Senate, a body that is supposedly the greatest debate forum in the world. The same State, Democrat Anthony “Tony” DeLuca, was reelected during the midterm elections, despite having passed away on October 9.

To have to start an article with a statement like that disgusts me, but it has to be said. The system is no longer Trustworthy… period. Nothing was corrected in 48 of the 50 States in the US and the results show it. None of that matters now the Election is over. Those declared winners hold office, that is our reality.

Where do things go from here? The dust has yet to settle, actual control of both houses has yet to be fully settled. Who knows when we will know for shore how things will stand. Who will actually have a 1 or 2 seat margin in both Houses of Congress. The only thing we know now for certain is that there will be no breaks put on the Presidents Agenda.

What that means is that the Price of Fuel will continue to rise. The Economy will continue to collapse. The DOJ/FBI and all other Government agencies will continue to be used as Political Tools instead of Law Enforcement. While the Administration will continue to work hand in hand with Big Tech to invalidate the 1st Amendment.

At this point until they deign to tell us what the Final number of Senators and Representatives are nothing else remains to be said. We must hold our breath and Pray.

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