Does Voting count?

There is an old saying that if voting actually changed anything, they wouldn’t let us do it! Do you think there is wisdom in this, or is it just cynicism? The older I get the more I see it to be true. The illusion of having a functioning democracy because you have a choice between the Blue Team or the Red team needs shattered! Since both teams offer you fundamentally the same menu, you actually have little choice. It is only the appearance of CHOICE that matters to the political predators.

Consider what happened back during Covid when ALL the political parties rallied behind the tyranny – where was your choice then? Consider when they all rallied being Ukraine – again no choice. It’s my view we are governed by the Uniparty and it is not our friend. In order to sustain its vampiric hold on us, it must convince us of three things, none of which I really believe any longer;

Your Vote counts. It doesn’t if you vote Uniparty and if you don’t it is unlikely that anything can change in our first past the post electoral system.

You are offered all the choice in the world. You aren’t. You are only ever offered shades of a central theme.

If you stay at home and don’t vote then you must accept the consequences. Why should I? I have no allegiance to a crooked and rigged system and see no reason to go along with what it says I should.

Your vote is precious, sure, but how you use it is just as important. When the system tells you to go Red/Blue/Yellow, I think you might do well to tell them all to get lost! A non vote = a cast vote!

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