Boris Johnson -a bloodthirsty warmonger!

Crimea has been part of Russia since 1783, and the majority of people living there see themselves as Russian and speak Russian. Former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson now believes that Ukraine can regain possession of Crimea and this a further escalation in his apparent belligerent bloodlust. There are no credible military experts who go along with Johnson’s peculiar belief and when we look at what has happened in eastern Ukraine since 2022, we see that Russia has advanced, captured an held territory. So who on earth would a shattered demoralised Ukraine capture Ukraine, precisely?

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Johnson is typically short on the details yet he is the man who is seen to have disrupted a potential peace deal between Ukraine and Russia back in the spring of 2022. Acting as NATO’s man-on-the-ground, he flew into Kiev to tell the dithering Zelensky that under no circumstances must he agree to peace. Consequently, hundreds of thousands of young Ukrainian men have perished (not the farcical 31,000 that Zelensky admits) and Boris Johnson seems satisfied with that. But is appears this is not enough – hence the lunatic call to take Crimea from Russia. Johnson has proven to be a bloodthirsty monster, playing up his pound shop Churchill routine for all it is worth. Maybe his act goes down well in Washington and Kiev but Moscow see through this blabbering bully for all he is worth.


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