Debate’s ? Oh Please Pass the Popcorn

President Biden has “Challenged” former President Trump to Debate’s. In a less than 60sec clip posted to X, a 60sec clip that he couldn’t even manage to do in one take.

– Biden wants a TV studio, no live audience. – Has to be CNN, ABC, CBS, or Telemundo – Mics cut off when time is up. – Asks for two, not the typical three presidential debates.


Donald J. Trump

It is my great honor to accept the CNN Debate against Crooked Joe Biden, the WORST PRESIDENT in the History of the United States and a true Threat to Democracy, on June 27th. Likewise, I accept the ABC News Debate against Crooked Joe on September 10th. Thank you, DJT!

Oh please pass the popcorn , I just love to watch a good train wreck which is exactly what this will be. President Biden demands all his condition be met while he denies any conditions from Trump. It matters not, his turf, his in the bag “Moderators”, with Joe pumped up with Ibogaine so he remains conscious. None of it will make a difference.

There are 3 reasons the Democrats want the first debate in June. 1)Trump is still in court on trumped up charges. The snide remark about him being available on Wednesday’s is a direct reference to the day that court is closed. 2) Joe is losing in all Internal Polls, and all but one or two of the Public Polls. Joe might actually do great and flip that. (LMAO) or more likely 3) If Joe does do bad as everyone expects, it opens the door. The door for justifying replacing Biden at the DNC Convention.

3 is in my view the most likely scenario.

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