CO2 is NOT The Driver of Climate Change

In a recent article published in the MDPI journal Atmosphere, Dr. Stuart A. Harris posits

New Study Suggests

Historical and contemporary climate fluctuations are fundamentally natural occurrences and not primarily driven by shifts in atmospheric CO2 concentrations.

Here are the main points outlined in the paper

• Climate changes, both in the past and present, are predominantly influenced by variations in solar cycles (Milankovitch) and their impact on oceanic circulation and heat distribution.

• Throughout hundreds of thousands of years, temperature shifts consistently precede corresponding changes in CO2 levels.

• The UN IPCC’s standpoint, attributing the primary cause of warming since the onset of the Industrial Revolution to rising atmospheric CO2, is described as an assumption that is “inconsistent with studies focusing on temperature changes in rural areas of the northern hemisphere.”

• The natural 23 thousand-year (23 ka) Milankovitch cycle has recently initiated a reduction in insolation in the northern hemisphere, marking the beginning of what is believed to be the next ice age.

• While CO2 is crucial for sustaining life on Earth through photosynthesis, a decrease in CO2 levels could have adverse effects on the biosphere. However, no discernible connection between carbon dioxide levels and the overall temperature of the planet appears evident.

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One thought on “CO2 is NOT The Driver of Climate Change

  1. CO2 is a fundamental ingredient for life. Without CO2 plants can’t oxygen. CO2 was declared a pollutant by a Court, not Science.

    Any Climate Science that supports man made Climate Change is a Religion, not a science. Not one test of this “science” has ever given the same results twice, the data has been admitted in court to have been “adjusted”.

    YThe Climate Zealots have one goal to control what everyone else does and can have.

    No Cars,
    No Meat and according to John Kerry the Climate Czar a severe reduction in the planets farming, by over half.

    We will all be dead or starving and it will have absolutely NO EFFECT on the Earths Climate. Only the Sun and the Earths rotation can effect the Climate.


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