Why denouncing terrorism gives some people heartache?

Salil Gewali

         The publication of my previous article,”‘ The Kerala Story’ – a wakeup call, not propaganda,” (Davidvance.net, dated 14 May 2023) has triggered lots of reactions; the article got viral on WhatsApp. While some lost their sanity, I received many emails from concerned citizens who profusely appreciated the piece. Some of the left-leaning individuals even got personal and expressed their anger with a string of expletives. One even wrote an article criticizing me. They clearly demanded why I defended the film that showed a particular community in a poor light. The majority of them referred to me as a far-right extremist and “Modi Bakta”. I wished I could retort and answer in their own words. But, for “various reasons,” I chose to reply as sensibly and as possible. 


                   No “object” in this world is similar to another object, nor is the “thought process” of each human being. No two individuals carry a similar line of thought; just as no two waves in the ocean are identical, there are variations to “some degree.” Even under one roof, the mother’s views clash with her daughter, while the father’s views conflict with all the children. Therefore, each individual has his/her own mental eyes to look at and analyze any specific object or subject. So, it is wise not to “belittle” others for not thinking in a specific way we believe is right. Yes, while some initially embraced the theories of Karl Marx as the most ideal, others rejected them downright; the consequent history is a significant “testimony” with endless conflicts and bloodbaths.

             So far as my understanding is concerned, one should neither be “left-leaning” nor “right-leaning” but should be “righteous-leaning”! Sincere efforts must be made for that. Because, at the end of the day, the former two will let you down while “righteousness” takes you towards TRUTH and inner peace. However, amidst the cacophony of prejudiced information, views, and opinions received through everyday media, entertainment, and interaction, it is undoubtedly challenging for everyone to remain “unaffected.” Over time, we also might tend to act differently with different sets of “likes and dislikes” because of the influence of what we have absorbed, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Therefore, ancient sages of India recommended that an ardent “truth seeker” not to fall victim to “probable” wrong information/ideas/gratification of the external world. They suggest turning inward, shutting out all sense world, and meditating. 

          Oh sorry, some groups of intellectuals of India might call me a “Modi supporter” for recommending YOGA, as I’ve already been bracketed. But now, I’m least bothered. It should be remembered that YOGA is the only means to get the highest knowledge by practicing “thoughtlessness.”

             The self-loathing Indian intellectuals should know that the Indian mystics found their admirers in their Western masters! Even the front-ranking thinkers of modern times, such as Schrödinger, Emerson, W. Butler Yeats, were amazed at the profound concept of Yoga. Perhaps, our Indians do not want to know these proud facts, which is why they kept mocking Hindus practicing Yoga and medication. Until the UNO declared June 21 as Yoga Day, Indian leftist media branded the ancient discipline as a tool of the Hindutva group to further its communal agenda. They peddled the news that Yoga would only bring communal disharmony in the country and undermine the minority.

              Albert Einstein once claimed: “I think 99 times and find nothing. I stop thinking, swim in silence, and the truth comes to me.” Here it is quite obvious that it took the West over 5000 years to acknowledge the scientific validity of the yogic discipline.

            So, in my humble quest for the “right” path and expression of my views and ideas, if some people identify me as a right-winger, it is their problem. I consider it a sheer waste of time to get after them. No surprise, the so-called intellectuals on social media, particularly TWITTER, stereotype and look down upon Hindus expressing their patriotic fervour. 

            Now concerning my write-up on the film “The Kerala Story” (TKS). Frankly speaking, one should not be concerned about whether 32000 or 32 or 3 girls were brainwashed and converted to Islam. But all should be apprehensive about how “terrorism” has been rearing its ugly head and frightening 320 million or more people worldwide. I advise those extreme liberals to read about the plight of the hapless ladies from Afghanistan and some Arabian countries to learn about the ordeal they endure. Here people from their own community are the oppressors, who reportedly dehumanize the females; women hardly have personal freedom.

               Terrorism is a global phenomenon. Many unbiased audiences said what has been presented in the film — “The Kerala Story” is only the tip of the iceberg. If my Indian opponents, particularly those media liberals, doubt me, I suggest they visit AMAZON to find an array of countless books on “Terrorism and Jihad,” mostly written by Western scholars and researchers. Or they can download free books such as “The Jihad Threat, ISIS, al-Qaeda, and Beyond” by Wilson Center, USA. They will undoubtedly inform them how the scary situation has already come to this pass, particularly after the 9/11 attacks in the USA. The film TKS in itself is not against “any religions,” nor against their traditional and social mores but against terrorism. So, why does condemning the brutality of terrorism give some people heartache? Even the Supreme Court has lifted the ban on the film. A “true intellectual” will agree that HUMANITY should not be threatened by any diabolical forces. Moreover, I had concluded my articles by saying that “humanity should be loved and caressed with the warmth of compassion.” I suggest they read the piece between the lines.

           Regarding the shouting of “Pakistan Zindabad” in Karnataka, many live video clips went viral in a flash on May 13, 2023. While some media carried the news about it while others did not; again, some others called them doctored. There are frequent anti-national screams during “Bharat Jodo Yatra” of Rahul Gandhi. Why was this serious fact was just brushed aside. Moreover, these days subversive shouts by particular communities are defended like a mother defends her child.  

           Well, if the video clippings of “all” unlawful activities/shouts/slogans, including “chopping of a girlfriend into 35 pieces by her live-in partner,” are not genuine, then one should be more than happy. I firmly believe we should be more concerned for “peace” than blaming others and wreaking havoc with communal harmony and co-existence — Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam — (“the world is one family” – the concept first put forth by ancient Indian seers). 


              No wonder, in India, the brutality of extremist forces and their sympathizers is hardly derided while the people or NGOs expressing affection for the nation are deplored. Any worthwhile ideas and plans proposed by the patriots are viciously rejected. To be honest, it is very difficult to survive in India with patriotic zeal. In some states, citizens from the majority community cannot even file FIRs at the police station.

                Needless to say, you are applauded and hailed as a “hero” if you are courageous enough to speak against the integrity of the country and ridicule its cultural values. Arundhati Roy, a controversial writer who often openly maligns the nation, saying that Kashmir is not an integral part of India, is an all-time “darling” of the media. In contrast, Nupur Sharma, a vocal nationalist, was vehemently dressed down by the media for taking a stand against those who openly denigrated the cultural ethos of the nation. Is the nationalist leader Damodar Savarkar not wilfully dishonored in India? Rahul Gandhi, who belittle the nation in foreign countries is projected as the Prime Ministerial candidate.  

              What is appalling in the country is that even the “despotic invaders” such as the Mughals, Khiljis, Tipu Sultan… are eulogized and idolized. How long will we continue to turn a blind eye to a cabal of intellectuals who see no fault with terrorism and their diabolical ambitions? One wonders why custodians of the Constitution remain mute amidst the rise of treasonable activities.

             It is certain that our silence will further push more and more “girls” into the clutch of jihadi evil. Beware, with countless “Shraddhas and Sakshi Dixits” across the country, The Kerala Story will be “The India Story.” Maybe that time alone, the Indian secularists will have the last laugh!


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  1. Well written and timely. There is a persistent threat from the politics of Islam. The majority of the Koran describes how the follower should treat the infidel, the non believer. That is politics, and in this case Mohamed is cruel, and his legacy harsh to non-believers and believers alike. The jihad continues over 1400 years. For the murderous truth about Mohamed politicalislam.com

    1. Thank you, Mr. Glenn, we need to wake up before it is too late.

  2. Well said Salilji, I second you. Whoever criticise you, dont’ worry, you must speak/write and present your thought. You have lots of reader globally.


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