Whose side are you on?

Like everyone else, I was taken aback by the emergence of what I see as the Covid 19 scamdemic. Like everyone else, I wasn’t sure what to make of it but I knew something was wrong and by April 2nd 2020 I was expressing my alarm at the ongoing lockdown. That morphed into my refusal to wear face masks in the summer of 2020, and indeed that resulted in a Police visit to my house in August 2020, followed by my removal from Twitter in September of that year. By the time the jabs were being pushed in December 2020, I was a full on refusenik and that only deepened as we went through the following two years. In the summer on 2020, I said I was NOT ‘An anti-vaxxer” as I have had several vaccines during my life. That position changed in 2021 and I am proudly anti-vaccine as I don’t accept that viruses exist.

That has been my journey and I fully accept that others have taken different routes. I suspect most people reading this will share my “Pureblood” status although I also know some good people who did take one or two or in one case three jabs and bitterly regret it. I am not judgemental of anyone in anyway as we all faced different pressures, coercions and situations. However, I am adamant that whilst we can differ on lockdown and masks and passports, the one thing that we must be united around is a total rejection of the toxic Covid jabs. These have been wrong all along and these dangerous mRNA treatments must be recognised to the threat to life and limb they so patently are. Too many lives have been ruined or even ended for us to become ambivalent on this core issue.

Which brings me the current chorus of those who perhaps opposed some aspects of lockdowns, who maybe wore masks and took jabs so they could holiday abroad, and who refused at any point to question the efficacy of the Covid jabs. Worse still, many of these people advocated for the mRNA jabs, insisting they were ‘safe” and “effective”. Further, some of these people urged that the unvaccinated be punished for their resistance, for their fortitude in refusing the treatments. Now, most of them have disregarded their previous support for aspects of the Covid tyranny and openly question the lockdowns, maybe the masks, perhaps the vaccine passports but NEVER the vaccines. And that’s why I call them shills and I refuse to trust their bona fides. Do you?

It all can be reduced to one thing. If you still think that there is ANY benefit in ANY WAY to ANYONE taking the jabs, then you are still an apologist for tyranny and maybe even genocide. Trying to deflect us into hollow chat about Lockdowns and what happened is simply a planned distraction. We can argue until we are blue in the face, but I am confident they won’t try a lockdown in the same way again. I believe they will use other mechanisms, hence the ‘Emergency Alert” UK trial on Sunday 23rd. It might be Climate that they use as the pretext to limit our movements, for example.

The only reason for Lockdowns, for masks, for Covid passports was to ensure a grateful but desperate Nation begged for the newly released vaccines. It was always about the vaccines. So unless these new alleged allies to our sided will publicly damn the vaccines, then they are still spinning for the other side. Some use the pathetic excuse that “Ofcom” rules mean they dare not speak out or they will be De-platformed. Mark Steyn was used as an example pour encourage les autres.  

This does not cut mustard with me. In fact, it reinforces the theory that they are Judas Goats carefully placed to lead well intentioned people astray! If these people remain silent on the vaccines, they cannot be seen to be on our side.

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