Who Is Raping Democracy In West Bengal?

The comments on the heinous rape case of Hanskhali by the Chief Minister of West Bengal (India) are too shocking. Instead of condemning the crime, Mamata Banerjee has skewed the issue by saying that it could be the case of a love affair and as a result the girl might have got pregnant. In the first place, what has prompted the head of the state to pass such a controversially unbecoming opinion, the incident that has been vehemently decried even by her party leaders —  Mahua Moitra and Sougata Roy?

Now just think upon the plight of the parents whose daughter, as young as 14 years, was ganged raped and died the next day. Has the CM’s remark not rubbed the salt into the wound of millions of mothers and tender girls? Many are casting the aspersions as the accused in the case is the son of one of the TMC leaders. TMC is always right in Didi’s West Bengal now. Well, on the Chief Minister’s comments on rape, Nirbhaya’s (2012 Delhi gang-rape victim) mother also burst in an interview: “Mamata does not deserve the CM post if she is making such comments about a victim who has been violated.”

One scholar of Kolkata – Mr. Amitabh Sen, who happens to be an ardent well-wisher of my book “Great Minds on India”, divulges —  cases of inhumane rape by TMC cadres and the “imported citizens” are daily affairs in West Bengal. In many districts, the people live in constant fear that an onslaught of cruelty may befall them at any moment, and against which they cannot lodge even FIRs. What might happen to them the next moment is not known. Instead of a celebration of joy with flowers and fun, the TMC cadres had celebrated the last election victory by spraying bullets and killing and torturing the countless people who were suspected of disagreeing with Didi’s style of governance.

Needless to say, the violence against indigenous Hindus is so blatant, at places they are experiencing the Kashmir-like situation. One schoolteacher of Murshidabad laments — “We cannot move out during the evening. We fear keeping any expensive articles at home. There are rampant cases of theft every day. Not just that,  Hindu girls are teased, molested, and raped with impunity by the specific community. Practically there is no one whom we can turn to for our safety and security. We are like orphans in our own state now.”

No denying, there is no end to the sufferings of the majority Hindus in Bengal now. The police department can hardly take any effective action against the perpetrators.   Another social activist from Asansol, on condition of anonymity, quipped: “That how many people have been killed and how many women have been raped in the last one decade is unimaginable. The media always try to hide or blackout the atrocities committed against Hindus. But, even a small defensive retaliation against the cruel perpetrators are blown out our proportion by the same bunch of journalists. What a big irony, the Chief Minister wearing the sari of “sanyanini” but her hands are stained with the blood of endless massacres”.

Yes, for the past over a decade, while the situation is so anarchical and totally discriminatory in West Bengal, the Governor himself has helplessly shed tears after tears while speaking in public forums. Seldom any administrative machinery responds to the directives concerning the law and order from the Raj Bhavan.

Incidentally, in view of the repeated rape cases in the state, the Calcutta High Court has also expressed its deep sense of disappointment. It has now ordered to investigate the recent 4 rape cases of Matia, Englishbazar, Deganga and Bansdroni jointly and the intervention of the CBI has also been sought.

Here the question is how long the women and native Bengali population need to endure such perverse crimes and violence in West Bengal. Can we pinpoint what and who all are to blame? One believes that the custodians of the constitution, who are literally doing nothing to spot the bloodbath, are equally guilty of complicity. What’s more, this “perpetual silence and inaction” has only made the holler of terrors shriller than ever before.

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