Whatever happened to Princess Kate?

Well, Mothering Sunday did little to dispel the rumours surrounding the Princess of Wales! You will recall she was last seen in December and then we were informed that she was going into hospital for an operation.

The Princess was admitted to the London Clinic on Tuesday January 16, with the announcement made the following day once her operation had taken place. The Palace has not disclosed her condition, specifically requesting that her wish be respected for her personal medical information to remain private.

And that was that. No details were provided, no updates give, no thanks for people being concerned. However as rumours circled, this image was released last week.

If we zoom in, questions emerge.

Her face looks puffy, and there appears to be black areas under her eyes. Some people even suggested that it wasn’t the Princess at all! So Royal PR went into overdrive and we got this image on Mother’s Day.

The purpose of this image, allegedly taken by Prince William, was to let people see that the Princess was restored to good health and back in the bosom of her family. In fact, just in case you missed the subtle points, the Daily Mail went to the bother of pointing them out for you! This is how they spin.

However, just like the previous bloated image, this one also raises questions.

For starters, she is not wearing her wedding ring. Further, for a woman who has reportedly had a hysterectomy, she is wearing very tight jeans. Is that what you would expect? Then if you look at Prince Louis (left), the fingers on his right hand seem odd and unnatural Also, if you look at Princess Charlotte’s arm, it looks disconnected?

Is this an A1 image, is it a photoshop? If they photo-edited her arm, what else have they altered?

Well, so OBVIOUS was the photoshop that last evening came the news that most media outlets were pulling the above image as being manipulated.

So, now we KNOW that Kensington Palace was seeking to mislead us by issuing this dodgy image and it has blown up in their faces. So far, there has been no comment. The big question is simple – why were they manipulating this image? What is the actual condition of the Princess of Wales? The truth is that we can’t be sure what has happened to the Princess but when Royal lies are exposed we must surely wonder where she is, how she is and just what is going on.

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