What drives ‘Pride’?

Well, we seem to have made it through what seems like an eternity of “Pride” celebrations with Saturday past seeing my home city of Belfast holding its own “Pride” parade. In an even more extreme and ludicrous example of LGBTQ+ virtue-signalling, Liverpool hosted “Ukraine Pride! What does this all mean? What force is driving all this “Pride”?

The theme of the Belfast “Pride” parade was “Stand by your Trans” – a totally cringe endorsement of the Trans- ideology that is now rapidly consuming the LGBTQ+ movement. In Belfast and Liverpool, we witness these trans individuals traipsing through the streets and it is hailed as fantastic. The BBC coverage, unsurprisingly, was euphoric and fully sympathetic with the aims of those holding these events. From a Northern Ireland perspective, the BBC finally found a Parade of which they approved!

But what EXACTLY is “Pride” seeking to achieve? When they talk about “rights”, the fact is that our societies already offer them the same rights (and responsibilities) as the rest of us. Legally, there is (rightfully) no persecution of gay people and anyone who does so will be punished by the State. When we examine it, the “rights” that are really being campaigned for are “Trans rights’ and this is where things take a steep turn for the worse.

Let’s understand what is being demanded.  A major goal of transgender activism is to allow changes to identification documents to conform with a person’s current gender identity without the need for gender affirming surgery or any medical requirements, which is known as gender self-identification. So in other words they want to be able to legally change their gender without any medical intervention, surgical or psychological.

In a way, I agree with them! “Gender Affirming Surgery” is basically licensed butchery, and it achieves nothing that is worthy. Lopping off bits and pieces of the anatomy or augmenting other bits is savage and should be outlawed in my view. You may have seen some images of these “gender-affirmed” trans people post-surgery and it is horrific. No wonder that the suicide rate in such post-surgery people is so high. They certainly have my sympathy. So, we can dismiss “Gender Affirming” surgery as something that should never be sanctioned in the first place.

But “Gender Self Identification” is equally problematical. Someone cannot be afforded the legal right to change their Gender just because they say they are now the opposite of what they were born. Allowing this will warp the essence of our society and we saw this in Scotland and how it led to a convicted MALE rapist initially being housed in a Woman’s Prison until the public revolt led to a U-turn by the Sturgeon regime. That was just one example of how this can lead to bizarre and dangerous consequences!

The Bible teaches us God unequivocally sees Pride as a great sin. Proverbs 16:18 “Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.” Now we can all be guilty of Pride and that has nothing to do with our sexual identity but what are we to make of the LGBTQ+ activists naming all their festivals after the Sin? This is where I discern the hand of Satan. It is an open rebellion against what God wants and it is sweeping the Western world, the home of the Christian faith. I don’t see that as a coincidence. Some of the images at LGBTQ+ “Pride” parades are abhorrent as we see young children exposed to all sort of venality. This is ungodly and has a stench of Sulphur.

For absolute clarity, I do not seek to judge any Gay person. I wish all people find a path to Salvation and I realise that Heterosexual people are as capable of great sin as any Gay person. I also think we should look at things from an individual not a collectivist angle.

That’s my problem with these ‘Pride’ celebrations, they are suggesting that all gay people approve of the public exhibitionism and the truth is many don’t. We live in an age where sexual degeneracy is celebrated and honour marginalised. We live at a time when we are being asked to believe men can become women and where women can become men. That is simple impossible, and we must hold the line on this point.

Love each other, yes, but do not go along with the most venal of all sins – Pride.

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