UK fertility rate plummets, population increases?

Here is a conundrum for you. The UK overall fertility rate has slumped to 1.49 children in women in 2022, meaning it is well BELOW the necessary population placement level of 2.1 children per woman. If we go back to 1960, it was 3 children per woman. 1967 saw the Abortion Act implemented and since that date the fertility rate has dropped significantly.

However, the UK population has reached record levels, most recently assessed to be 67.3million (2021). So how can our national fertility plummet and yet our national population keep on growing? The answer is obvious – immigration on a scale we have never experienced before.

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But it’s not just raw immigration, it is the fact that the fertility rate in the UK is much worse than you think because the 1.49 births per woman is simply an average of ALL women who have children here. When we examine the migrant communities we soon see that their fertility level is much higher than 1.49. For example, our fast growing Muslim community had a fertility level of 3.0 and this is likely to have grown further as their numbers flourish. If we look at the Polish community in the UK, we see a fertility level in excess of 2.1, whereas in Poland it is 1.2! The average Afghan-born woman living in the UK has 4.25 children and the average Somali-born woman has 4.19 children.

The brutal truth is that the UK is undergoing unprecedented demographic change, and the combination of surging immigration, high migrant birth levels and slumped white British fertility levels means that by the end of this century, the UK will be a minority White country.

What then?


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