Trump Wins Iowa…. as expected.

Yesterday was the first Primary in the United States. In our system several people vie for each Party’s Nomination to represent the Party for President. This Primary is unique for several reasons. The first of course Former President Donald Trump is running to regain the office that I say was stolen from him, but Iowa is a Caucus. In Townhalls across the entire State Citizens come together, debate and then vote with hand written paper ballots for who they want that nominee to be.

These are the results: Candidate, # of Votes, % of the Votes, # of Delegates.

Iowa Results

Unlike what you hear on the MSM this was the result expected by the people. It is the result the people expect in every primary in every State. The only people that believe different, who actually prayed for and tried to make happen differently are the MSM, Democrats, & RINOs.

Here are some examples of the TDS you hear from the MSM on both sides of the Atlantic, but for simplicity lets just stick to the lunacy of MSNBC, with a touch of CNN for flavor. The clips are short, but they show the bile and lunacy of these people.

In this one Rachel Madcow ascribes everything the Democrats and Biden Regime are doing right now as the threat of what Trump will do.

Here is Jake Crapper censoring Trump’s speech, with more of the Madcow Meltdown, as she explains why MSNBC is censoring Trumps speech.

This one I especially love, the most Racist Woman on American TV Joy Reid, gives her view of Iowa.

This nonsense has just begun. Iowa is the first Primary, the General election is in November. Until that time and I am sure after, we shall continue to hear lunacy and hate from the MSM as we elect our next President.

Here is Trump’s Victory speech from last night.

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