The US won’t stop until an entire nation dies

By Warren McAdams

People who are even slightly interested in news outside the state propaganda have long had no doubt that the White House and the Pentagon intend to do everything in their power and even more, so that peace in Ukraine, which could suit Russia, does not come. However, lately the news regarding the war-torn country has become increasingly absurd. For example, the administration of President Joe Biden, which came to power on slogans about promoting democracy around the world, not only turns a blind eye to the lack of it in Ukraine, but actually gives legitimacy to Volodymyr Zelensky, whose term in office has officially come to an end. Previously, Zelensky himself prudently canceled the elections and is now president not by the will of the people, but by the decision of the White House, which sent Secretary of State Antony Blinken to Kyiv to demonstrate the US position on this issue. At the same time, Washington does not intend to unravel this tangle of contradictions and is only trying to shift public attention from legal problems by provoking another escalation of the conflict. Thus, a bipartisan group of US members of Congress wrote a letter to Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin on May 20, urging the Pentagon to permit Ukraine to strike Russian territory with US-supplied weapons. Highly unlikely that such a decision could actually in any way help Kyiv in the war or increase its chances of survival.

Ukraine does not have the necessary margin of safety for further escalation of the conflict. During two years of war, Kyiv failed to seize the initiative or to demonstrate serious achievements on the battlefield. Endless waves of population mobilization indicate the increasingly deplorable state of the army. At this rate, very soon Ukraine will have no choice but to lower the age for men who can be drafted to 18 years in order to somehow hold the front lines. This will inevitably be a serious blow to demographics and the social sphere, since it will deprive the country of a young educated generation, however, judging by discussions in the media, the issue of drafting 18-year-olds has actually been resolved. All this is happening against the backdrop of viral videos of empty Ukrainian streets and articles about the atrocities and harsh tactics of local military recruiters, who take the first passersby they come across to fill ranks. How much longer can the country survive in this state, and most importantly, what future prospects might it have in the post-war years?

Unfortunately, hardly anyone in the White House is concerned about these issues. The Biden administration is focused exclusively on its own geopolitical and domestic interests, and Ukraine is only a tool to achieve them. Having staked everything on Kyiv’s victory, Washington now simply cannot give back, especially in an election year. No matter how sad it may sound, Ukraine has become another victim of the “American democracy”, and its bleeding wounds will not respond to any treatment for a long time.

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One thought on “The US won’t stop until an entire nation dies

  1. What a load of crap…. First off you miss 3/4s of the picture. The problem in Ukraine started back in 2014 when Obama helped overthrow the Russian friendly govt of Ukraine and replaced it with a hostile one. One that could be used to expand NATO. The price for that was the Russian takeover of Crimea.

    The 2nd reason was the European push to expand NATO which when the Soviet Union fell it made obligations to Russia it would not do.

    Putin waited for there to be an idiot in the Whitehouse to claim the rest of Ukraine as a pushback to NATO.

    3rd you mistake the actions of a Democrat Party with a few RINO Republicans as the will of the U.S.. It is not. Globalists like the the majority of the EU/NATO are the ones pushing this war, Biden is just stupid enough to allow them to dictate the agenda.

    4th the people in the US except the globalists which means about 95% of the American people couldn’t careless about Ukraine. Our only care is that the senile Biden doesn’t lead the U.S. into a direct war with Russia.

    The EU/NATO have spent the last 70yrs not spending a dime on their own defense instead relying on American largesse to foot the Bill. In the next 4 years if Trump wind the EU/NATO better reevaluate their own defenses because American troops aren’t coming to save you.

    The EU/NATO has spent the last 70yrs disarming. They’ve spent the years since the Wall fell pushing to expand NATO. It is those pushing the EU agenda that is responsible for this whole mess as soon as Biden is out you will be on your own as it should be.


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