The unbearable lightness of Labour

We all know it. It’s inevitable.

Labour, under Sir Keir Starmer, are going to be the next British Government. The Bookies have it factored it and you can get a miserable 1/16 on Labour having the most MP’s after it has been called! I think, in their hearts, even the Conservatives have worked out that the game is up.

So what will a new Labour actually mean for us?


Well, you could look at Wales where there has been a Labour controlled devolved Government for some years, to see what might happen.

Let’s start with Health, which is a key focus for the Starmer administration.

The performance of the NHS in Wales is the worst of any part of the UK!

NHS waiting times have hit another record high for those waiting for hospital treatment in Wales. There were 761,111 “patient pathways” – or 594,000 actual patients – also the highest on record. Cancer waiting times and ambulance performance figures were the second worst on record, while A&E waiting times were the worst this year.

The might seem strange given Labour’s obsession on “our” NHS but it is entirely predictable when you have incompetent socialists deciding on health priorities.

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How about Education, that’s another area that Starmer and the gang are going to “fix’?

It shows students in Wales have slipped even further behind the other UK nations in a worst-ever set of results.

In Mathematics, the fall in attainment is the equivalent of a whole year’s education in the subject. Test marks also fell sharply in science and English.

The more you look at Wales for clues for what a UK Labour Government will do the more worrying it becomes. And that should surprise no one.


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