The Proof Against President Biden the MSM Just Won’t Tell You Pt. 1

The President of the United States has been running a Pay for Play con his entire 50 year career in Politics.

If it wasn’t for his drug addict sons stupidity the opportunity to reveal not just the Biden’s Treachery, but the methods that are used by too many of our career politicians to enrich themselves. These people enter Office 99% of the time in debt, and after being paid only $200,000yr Salary they leave office being worth 10s if not 100’s of Millions of dollars.

The MSM refuses to report let alone investigate the money trail. There is a huge money trail with tons of Bank Records to investigate. The MSM doesn’t just refuse to report and investigate, they lie saying no connection to the President and the tens of Millions that we have proven to have already exchanged hands.

Over 3 posts I will post the Conversation between Rep. James Comer & Sen. Ted Cruz that lays that evidence out. Bank Records don’t lie, and they do exist for anyone who takes the time to look and listen.

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