The end of the United States…

Did you see the statistic from Fox News that during this Biden administration 7.2m illegal migrants have entered the United States. That’s equivalent to the population of 37 States. My question is whether this demographic tsunami is survivable?

The scale of illegal migration into the US under the Biden regime is unprecedented. The minute it got Trump out of the White House the Border was essentially opened right up and this is even celebrated by Democrats whilst most of the paid off media cabal look the other way. The US has been invaded and the culprits sit in Washington.

Not only is the scale of this invasion been without precedent but I believe it is also deliberate, and even necessary if the US is to fall. It’s this which is the real dynamic behind the Biden (Obama) regime. I honestly feel that it is working towards the globalist agenda of transforming the entire United States into a version of the hellscape that we see in contemporary California. For this to become a countrywide transformation it requires many millions of people from south of the border, with unknown backgrounds and health concerns, unable to even speak English but with an innate understanding of how to grift off the US taxpayer. And that’s what has been successfully achieved.

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Once in the US, the 7.2m illegals are staying and I’m not even sure if a Trump Presidency would result in their mass deportation although that is clearly what is needed. So US citizens have now millions of illegals swarming across their country and if the Democrats retain the Presidency then I suggest that will finish off the US Republic entirely and bring about the second fall of Rome.


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